No-Hassle Returns Available From The Watchery

So the holidays are over, which means the only shopping-rush that remains is the hurried and futile attempts at returning those gifts you didn’t want. And I’m fairly certain that I’m not alone when I say, as frustrating as it is, most of those “return-trips” end in failure.

Unless, of course, those gifts were bought through The Watchery website. It’s irrelevant as to whether its Chopard, Ebel, or Baume: all timepieces purchased from (except special orders and items shipped outside of the United States) may be returned in their original condition for a FULL REFUND of the purchase price within 30days from the date of delivery.

So that sweater your Aunt Milldred made for you with the three-legged reindeer? Yeah, you’re probably stuck with that for awhile. And the water-resistant tape-player for the shower courtesy of Uncle Larry? They probably aren’t going to let you return that one without a receipt.

But the JeanRichard TV Screen Retrograde timepiece with polished stainless steel, brown leather bracelet, silver tones and grey textured center dial colors? Yes, will gladly allow you to return it.

And if they won’t, this writer would be more than happy to take it off your hands. And put it safely above mine.

Featured Deals From The Watchery

Ever heard of a surprise sale? You know, when a company seemingly-randomly reveals they are putting a plethora of items on sale, with no warning whatsoever?

Well what’s the fun in that?

At The Watchery, they offer a featured deal on a specific timepiece. This Monday, the featured item was the Eterna Soleure Men’s Watch, being offered at 70% off the original retail prices. But the deal only lasts for a very limited time (a countdown clock to the end of the deal is actually present on the front of The Watchery website), then a new item is offered.

But here’s the best part: The Watchery actually shows ALL of their upcoming deals as well, meaning there are no surprises as to which watch will be offered at a “deal price” next. For example, later this week the featured deal item will be the C1 Chrono Orange Dial Automatic Watch.

Concord watches are one-of-a-kind sophisticated creations full of technical complication that is truly unmatchabale. And the C1 Chrono Orange Dial Automatic Watch is no exception. And once the Concord C1 Chrono Orange Dial Automatic Watch goes on sale on December 24th, it’ll be available through The Watchery for 40% off the retail price. That’s savings of nearly five-THOUSAND dollars.

So check out The Watchery’s featured deal, and be sure to check out the upcoming deals. Because with savings this good, who needs to be surprised?

Welcome to The Watchery Blog!

It’s not that hard these days to quickly find out what time it is. Typically the time is present all around us, whether it be flashing bright on our cellphones, on our labtops, the walls, the dashboard of our cars, or even blinking on the side of a building.

As true as that is, nothing compares to beautiful luxury watches on display around your wrist. (Not to mention, it makes it a whole lot easier to properly execute the old “Oh, look at the time!” getaway line). However, adorning Chopard, Ebel, or Concord watches often comes with a heavy financial obligation.

That’s why The Watchery is dedicated to bringing their customers the luxury watches they’re longing for at unbelievably competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for men or womens watches from big name brands such as (but not limited to) Breitling, Cartier, IWC, TAG Heuer, A. Lange & Sohne, Rolex, or Patek Philippe, The Watchery has you covered.

So be sure to check back to the official Watchery blog for all exciting deals, updates, specials, or just a little bit of unique luxury watch information you probably didn’t know before. And don’t forget to see what’s going on at the official Watchery website… a new featured deal could be ending any minute!