Jean Richard Watches Are The Perfect Gift For Men

It can be hard to buy for men at times, it’s true. If you are buying for your dad you never want to get the same old tie or pair of socks. If it’s your boyfriend or husband, there’s even more pressure to get something he’s going to like. After all, you should know him best. But Jean Richard watches are a foolproof gift.

With large, bold faces and beautiful leather bands, whatever man you are buying it for will surely appreciate the masculine luxury of a Jean Richard watch. Their rectangular shaped face is very modern and yet the styling of the hands and numbers are very classic, blending both together easily. The cases are made with scratch resistant sapphire crystal and the leather band has an easy fold over clasp that’ll fit nicely.

Swiss watches can have a pretty hefty price tag attached to them, but Jean Richard is all about keeping things affordable as far as luxury watches go, so you won’t have to hold back on getting a great Swiss watch for whoever it may be your giving it to. And they’ll have to work twice as hard to get you as good as  gift when it’s your turn!

Wyler Geneve: For The Rugged Yet Luxurious Man

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy that type of guy. You know, the one who has that high class job and loves his expensive suits, but also goes mountain climbing on the weekend. He has this mix of rugged and regal about him and sometimes you don’t know which one to cater to. But why not get him something that is just as cool of a combination as he is?

The Wyler Geneve line of luxury watches is that perfect melding of rough and refined. They are made to have maximum shock absorption in case its being worn before starting an impromptu football game with the guys. They have a rubber band for the ultimate comfort.

And yet, despite all this, no one will even realize it can be considered a sports watch. The large case and beautiful gold (or titanium, if that’s what you prefer) give off a real professional look. Everyone will see it first and foremost as a luxury watch and have no idea the kind of impact it can withstand.

So if you know just the guy that doesn’t fit into any one catergory, Wyler Geneve may be the best pick of all the luxury watches out there.

Glam Rock Watches Bring Style to Your Timepiece

Most watch companies you hear about have been around for years. After all, watch making has gone back for generations and many brands have a long history of good quality. But some newer brands have been popping up that are reinventing the watch. Glam Rock watches are those kinds of pieces; funky, bright, and unique. The company has only been around since 2005, but they are making a huge splash in the industry.

Their watches are bright and fun, and yet definitely have the look of luxury at the same time. With styles named “Miami” and “Palm Beach,” big faces and colorfully patterned bands, it’s the luxury watch of the new generation. Some people like to attract attention with their accessories, and these are definitely the kind of watches that do so.

And if really colorful isn’t your thing, they also have some great darker combinations of brown, gold and black shades, which have a beautiful and mysterious appeal to them. Glam Rock watches are just that, glam.  And they run the gamut in price so you can find a style that fits your budget. It’s the perfect watch for the friend who loves to be seen. They’ll get people talking whenever they check their watch for the time.

Get Your Ebel Watches At an Affordable Price With Clearance Sales

Luxury watches are a wonderful thing to own. When you get one, it’s your pride and joy. You pull it out for special occasions, keep it in the best of the best jewelry box and wind it daily. But we all know how expensive they can be. Ebel watches can cost a few thousand dollars. And while they are more affordable than some other luxury counterparts, you always want to get the best deal.

The Watchery has a great clearance section of watches at deep discounts and styles that are soon to be completely sold out. Right now there dozens of Ebel watches to choose from at great prices.  The Ebel Beluga Lady is a great choice for the girlfriend or wife for Valentine’s day. Or for the guy in your life, the Ebel Classic Gents is stunning. Both are on clearance so they won’t make such a big dent in your wallet.

Don’t just consider Ebel styles for Valentine’s day though. They are great all year through from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries and everything else in between.  And of course don’t forget about yourself! Sometimes we all need a little luxury in our own lives.