Cartier Watches and More for Mother’s Day

cartierHoliday alert! Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8! That’s only a little more than a week away. Have you purchased your mom a gift yet? If you’re like me, the answer is no. But I already know the perfect gift for my mom, and your mom too. Cartier watches of course! A watch always makes a wonderful gift –especially for women since it is technically jewelry and all. But you don’t have to limit yourself to Cartier. The Watchery has plenty of brands, such as Ebel, Concord, and Glam Rock.

It won’t be hard to find a watch to match your mom’s style. You can opt for elegant and classy and choose one with a diamond dial and crystal bezel. Or you can go for casual and functional and choose a stainless steel or leather band watch. For moms that want a nice pop of color, the Glam Rock collection is perfect. Fun and bright colors will go perfect with mom’s spring and summer outfits. The Watchery has it all!

So order quickly to ensure that your watch will arrive on time and make your Mother’s Day a successful and memorable one!

Parmigiani and Other Luxury Watches for Generation X

Generation X is getting older. They are heading in their thirties and and forties and they are now at the age where they have a bit more spending cash and they need somewhere to spend it. And so, luxury watch companies are catching up with them, giving them new and cool designs that fit their edgy personalities.

Classics are still cool, like Parmigiani and other elegant brands for the business type who want a great watch for work and after hours. And a lot of designs now are becoming a bit more complicated, with see through cases that let you see the mechanics of the watch, as well as moon tide and various time zones. Generation X likes to have all their information in one place.

The rise of digital luxury watches is being seen as well, to match with the want of new technologies that come out every year. What’s cooler than a techie watch for the generation who loves their electronics?

Advertising is also aiming for this generation, with more relevant celebrities wearing their timepieces and giving live twitter updates of these big stars wearing their pieces and going to events.

Generation X is definitely picking up up on the luxury watch trend, in their own unique way, of course!

A Luxury Watch for Your Graduate

Next month, thousands of students will be receiving their hard earned diplomas. In fancy ceremonies and giant receptions, they will be told that they are starting a new journey. That they are now an essential part of the working society. And they will be facing the challenges of “real life.” As a family member of a graduate, you are probably looking for a graduation gift that can show how much you appreciate their efforts and offer them a glimpse into this real life. The perfect gift to do that is a Baume & Mercier Watch. Their elegance and sophistication offers an introduction into what the graduate’s aspirations should look like. By getting them this luxury watch, you are setting their standards high. And doing that could only help them. Plus, a Baume & Mercier, or even an Ebel, Concord, Cartier or any other luxury watch would surely be of value once they start interviewing. Just showing a glimpse of that luxury watch during an interview implies to the employer that the recent graduate means business (and is probably ready to do business as well.)

Now is the time to start browsing for the perfect graduation gift for your family member.

Ulysse Nardin Watches Are a Swiss Classic

Swiss watches. The words make everyone’s ears perk up. It’s a popular opinion that the Swiss make some of the finest luxury watches around, ones that are going to really hold up for years to come. One of those top Swiss companies is Ulysse Nardin. Founded in 1846 in Le Locle, Switzerland to be exact, it’s one of those brands that has reputation in it’s long standing time in the business.

Ulysse Nardin revived enameling in watchmaking, which is used on the faces of many watches. They are also known for making complication timepieces. What is a complication timepiece? It’s essentially any watch that displays more than just hours, minutes and seconds. Chronograph watches would be one such example.

The Watchery carries the brand and a variety of its styles for both men and women. From the bold faces and beautiful shine of the women’s Caprice line, to the complex, manly look of the Marine Diver for men, there’s definitely a watch for everyone from Ulysse.

And with the discounts The Watchery is offering, you’ll get that high class look for a much lower price than walking into any store will fetch you.