The International Watch Company?

The motto of the IWC or International Watch Company is Probus Scafusia. This translates to “good, solid craftsmanship from Schaffhausen.” It is an apt motto for a company that has been making excellent watches for well over a hundred years. The focus of the watches were to combine the focused craftsmanship of the Swiss with modern engineering and technological breakthroughs coming from the United States. This combination proved to be an excellent one and meant that the folks at IWC truly earned their nominal “International” stamp.

The watch company became so influential in Switzerland that the family who owned and operated the company was let into the upper echelon o f Swiss society. This even lead to a familial connection with no less a revolutionary thinker than psychologist Dr. Carl Jung.

In the end though the IWC is about the watches and rarely have finer been made. Rarely too has a record of quality been so well established. In many ways naming your company something as monolithic as the International Watch Company might seem too obvious but this company has carried that title to a certain ubiquity that befits it. The company has such a sense of history that they claim to have parts capable of repairing every watch they have ever produced to this day.

Chopard A Watch Prodigy

While he started the company at 24, Chopard managed to enjoy the fruits of his labors into later life.

I am 29 years old and sometimes I feel as though I have accomplished nothing. Sure I’ve got a job and a college degree, not to mention a few high end watches but honestly in decades and centuries past I would have accomplished so much more by now. Take for example the Chopard watch that has become a valuable part of my collection in recent months. When I look at this gorgeous watch I am almost instantly reminded that way back in 1860 Louise-Ulysse Chopard founded the Chopard luxury watch, jewelry and accessory company at the age of 24. I could barely run my mouth at 24 let alone a successful company.

Obviously the original Chopard has long passed on, but that he built such a respected company that would be able to so easily withstand the test of time is just stunning. The company was founded on the principal of trying to find new ways to innovate the watche industry. The time period of course that this company springs from was a time of huge growth in the production of watches, particularly in Switzerland where Chopard originates. Unofficially some might call the late 1800’s a golden age in Swiss watch production. A golden age that a 24 year old was able to partake and partially fuel.

Ulysse Nardin, Chronographs

A marine chronometer is a device used to tell time and through something called “celestial navigation,” determines latitude and longitude. These devices were used in navigation on large vessels during some of the greatest exploratory periods in human history. These days a chronometer generally refers to a watch that is tested and certified to meet very specific and highly specialized precision standards.

Ulysse Nardin is a company that started out making those old navigation devices and then moved into the watch and timepiece business. By most accounts, the company was the preeminent chronometer maker in Switzerland in the 1800’s and as is the standard with these sorts of high end watch companies, they continue to thrive on their incredible reputation of high quality work on complex watches.

Anyone who is a fan of watches on grounds deeper than basic style should really take notice of the work of Ulysse Nardin. These pieces are amazing works and are universally regarded as among the best crafted watches in the industry. Prior to this blog I didn’t even know what a chronograph was but the reputation that has come through in my research has really knocked my socks off. This might be my new watch brand of choice.

The Last Baume And Mercier Watch

Buying watches on the internet is so easy and fun, but sometimes things can get a little glum. The Watchery has a lot of fantastic buys on a lot of watches but every now and again there is a little tag attached to an attractive looking Baume and Mercier watch declaring it the “Last One.” That can really light a fire under a guy’s wallet and get him ordering ASAP.

It is in a way a good service. There are a lot of sites that I will favorite a watch on my web browser expecting to come back to it in a day or two and I am miffed to discover that it is a dead link. The watch has been tragically sold out. So no Baume and Mercier watch for me. In the Watchery’s case they are basically spelling it out clear as day. Buy this watch now or be endlessly disappointed forever about the watch you don’t have.

It is one of the best things about finding watches on this specific website, a fantastic resource that should be bowed down to by fans of luxury watches looking to save money on their collection. Heed those warnings, last one means last one.