IWC Watches At Big Discounts

The IWC Vintage Collection is a line of watches that even three years after it’s initial production requires notice. These pieces were made to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the IWC back in 2008. You can still get some of the sharpest models over at The Watchery’s website. These watches are perfect for anyone interested in collecting watches or anyone looking to find a design that helps them stand out in the crowd.

I am particularly fond of the IWC Portuguese Silver Leather Alligator Men’s Tourbillon. This is a fantastic watch with Alligator skin strap an 19 karat gold casing. It is intricately designed with a beautiful face and a thoroughly classic look that will have watch enthusiasts gushing.

Currently The Watchery has this and other models on sale for as much as 20% off. This is now small amount of money when discussing such an exceptional piece of watch making. If the high end old time design aesthetic is  not up your alley there is the more casual Aquatimer Black Dial Rubber Men’s Automatic. A beautiful piece, far easier to wear out with jeans and a t-shirt. IWC has made high caliber watches for nearly a century and a half. When you strap one of these models on you will know exactly why.

Fresh Designs With Stuhrling Watches

Last week we discussed the refined and classy design of Ebel watches. To keep things interesting this week I want to talk about the somewhat funky and flashy new Stuhrling women’s watches available on The Watchery. These watches are gorgeous and excitingly inventive. The flashy design heavy style is hyper modern, not the norm for most high end watch companies.

Within the face of many of these watches are hearts. Two of my favorite models allow you to see the gears within the heart. On other’s the heart is incorporated into fun a flashy designs. The watches are ideal for any young girl between the ages of twelve and twenty and will likely go over well with any adult friends and family who still have a youthful spark and fashion sense. These watches will appeal to folks looking for something classier than a Swatch watch but more fun than a Cartier watch.

The color choices range from a great black and silvery white combo to a brash lime green hew. Anyone with a sense of style would be thrilled to just admire one of these beautiful time pieces. Anyone who is interested in a watch that is off the beaten path is going to be sure to love these Stuhrling Watches.

Ebel Is A Refined Watch Company

Some high end watch companies specialize in glam rock watches. Time pieces that are flashy and loud and shout out their value with diamonds and thick elaborate bands. Other luxury watch brands take the more subtle approach. They pack in the same amount of value and craft but do it subtler ways. They etch classic looking watch faces and classic but always beautifully designed watch bands.

Ebel is definitely in the later category. The company, founded in 1911 in  Neuchâtel, Switzerland, has always prided it’s self on innovation in design. The results have been nothing less than one of the most elegant and exclusive lines of watches in the competitive industry. These are the kinds of watches worn by folks who do not need to tout their wealth in so many words. Folks who command a room without the volume of their voice but instead with the focus and respectability of their reputation.

That sort of focus and respectability of reputation is also something that Ebel prides it’s self on as a company. As the manufacturer of high end watches you have to find a niche and hang your hat on something. For the folks at Ebel that is refinement and class.

Wyler Geneve In The Deep Sea

Chances are you will not be plunged more than three hundred feet into the depths of the sea. These things simply do not happen to land based organisms very often. You hardly offer yourself an opportunity to plunge more than 300 feet in any particular direction. Still, there is something remarkable about the fact that were you to be thrust into an uncomfortable and potentially harrowing situation your Wyler Geneve watch would keep on ticking, dutifully keeping track of time while you try to find your way back to the surface.

These beautiful watches are built with functionality in mind just as much as they are there to look nice. And look nice they do. The design of these beautiful watches is note worthy and refreshing. They are elegant but they also look completely practical. These are not flashy watches that would blind on lookers with a glare. Instead they are high quality, well engineered watches meant to speak to practicality and simple but stylish design.

Wyler Geneve makes watches for people who need watches. Buying one is a great acknowledgement of the fine tuned craftsmanship and fantastic reputation of these watch makers. Plus if you ever find yourself in a nautical emergency you can worry about the more pressing concern of finding dry land.