Rolex, Beyond Men’s Watches

A lot of weight, clout and class come with owning a Rolex watch. It is an instantly recognizable brand name associated with some of the highest echelon of people ever. When you are in the market for a Rolex you have stepped out of the world of men’s watches and into the world of high end luxury items. That watch might as well be a yacht or a lifetime supply of champagne.

The model pictured here is a Men’s Datejust Automatic Pink Champagne/Black Dial Jubilee. It is a fantastic combination of form, function and pricey design and it is beautiful. A watch like this will give anything you do or say instant panache.  It is the kind of watch that is worn  by important people and it carries that weight while looking amazing. It is a beautiful blend of stainless steel and 18 karat rose gold. The engineering is Rolex so you know that it is reliable and sure to last a long long time.

Buying a Rolex is a big step. Brand name watches like these are an incredibly huge deal and appropriately priced to reflect that. Each one has it’s own stories and thoughts behind it and finding the one that’s perfect for you should not be taken lightly.

Black Friday Watches Sale!

With the holiday season starting up this week it seemed worth mentioning the veritable cavalcade of savings happening over at The Watchery’s website from now until Sunday. As per usual the selection of watches occupying the site currently are wide ranging and incredibly cool. Knowing that practically everything is on sale is a really exciting prospect for anyone hoping to give the gift of beautiful well designed watches this holiday season.

The gift of a watch as we love stating is ironically timeless. High quality ceramic watches can last decades and that is just one of the many options available here all at heavy discounts. Currently those discounts range everywhere from 30% off for many Corum watches to as much as 80% off, as is the case for one of the gorgeous Invicta Women’s Watches pictured here. These are gifts that will reverberate for a long time reminding your loved one that you went out and found a thoughtful and nearly priceless gift.

So act fast because as the actual Black Friday comes and goes the selection of watches is short to drop off and these special rates end Sunday at midnight. You could be done with all your holiday shopping before December even begins!

A Tool For Finding Perfect Watches

The nature of watch design can often seem monolithic. You have your choices of course but you can not simply request specifics and have watches personally constructed for you. Or you could but the price might turn astronomical.

The Watchery however, has made some in-roads towards a personal ability to cultivate the exact watch you are looking for. Running along the left side of the homepage for The Watchery is a series of choices that can help you cut through designs and brands you are not interested in.

You can decide on a particular watch face color, then choose a brand, choose a shape for the case, price range, movement type, size and band color. They might have everything you want but using this tool you can cut through the thousands of watch options available and get down to exactly what you are looking for. It is a perfect thing for astute fans of men’s and women’s watches alike, trying to find that elusive perfect time piece.

Even if you do not plan on making an immediate purchase the tool is fantastic for casual browsing. It’s just a fun little device to fool around with on the web. Take some time and try it out.

Style And Mens Watches

Mens watches are one of the easiest ways for a guy to latch on to their very particular sense of style and make the most of their fashion options. In many ways the fashion possibilities for men are limited. These limits come in many forms. A men’s suit can only be so different where as dresses can take on a wealth of different shapes and forms. The amount of accessories that are okay for a man to wear are also quite limited. Making the most out of the options available should be a man’s primary style goal. Watches offer a lot of style potential and a whole lot of class.

Watches come in a wealth of shapes, sizes, color schemes and so much more. You can buy high end dress watches made with precious metals or more modern hip designer watches like the Stuhrling Concorso D’Italiano pictured here. It’s eye popping yellow color is truly unique and sure to catch the eye of anyone you meet. Bold fashion moves are important for the modern man and making some of those moves with watches can help make you look classy and fashion forward all at once. Looking good is not just for women you know.