Diving Watches Survive The Rain

A heavy rain fall can literally and figuratively put a damper on a day. I have personally lost headphones to the downpour more than once. I’ve flooded the internal wiring of cellphones. I have ruined sneakers and more than once I have lost beloved men’s watches I had hoped to have for a lifetime.

It is for this reason that I have made the decision to switch to diving watches permanently. The strength of a diving watch is that it can be pummeled with quite a lot of rain before it gets mucked up and stops working. This is good because I can not predict the weather and I enjoy walking places. A diver watch can not only survive a torrential downpour it can literally be submerged into a body of water without immediately being damaged. While you may like whatever model of watch you have settled I would imagine it will not be surviving monsoon season unless you are very careful about when and where you choose to strap it on.

For me, I do not want to have to consult with the Weather Channel every time I would like to accessorize my outfits. As for diver’s headphones? I imagine someone is working on them.

Nearly Sold Out Means Business

If you are a fan of the great watches and the excellent watch deals over at The Watchery you might be used to seeing a little tag attached on some of our hottest deals, “Almost Sold Out.” If you see one of these warnings on a watch you definitely had better jump on it quick, because we mean business.

There have been great deals on Invicta watches in particular the past few weeks, including the beautiful model pictured here. Currently a bright green version of the same model, the Invicta Angel Silver Dial, is on the nearly sold out list and if that sounds like something you are interested in you had better head to the website right away.

The deals being sported here are nothing short of amazing. These Invicta women’s watches are right now going for a discount of 80%. You can save a whopping $400 on these very special looking models. Seems like a great idea for a gift or just a reward for getting through the holiday season in one piece.

Either way the important thing to take away is that when we say “almost sold out” we are not kidding. Get on these great watch deals now while you still can!

Diamond Watches At Great Prices

Looking for diamond watches you might have put the idea of not over spending out of your head. It is the holiday season and time to get generous. What’s more, diamond watches are not the sort of item that tends to come with steep discounts. But when you glance over at the selection of diamond watches from The Watchery you will find that there are actually a wide array of great deals on fantastic new diamond time pieces.

Invicta, a well known brand of luxury watch if ever there was one, has a few great examples of some more affordable watches which incorporate diamonds into their designs. The model pictured is a Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch that incorporates sixteen white diamonds set on the watch’s bezel. It is a beautiful option for someone looking for the perfect gift for a special woman in your life. The square watch body is a unique design style and the piece can be easily incorporated into both high end dressier environments as well as more casual hanging out clothes. It is a perfect gift for anyone with a gal on their list who appreciates the finer things in life but also likes to kick back from time to time.

Casual Women’s Watches

Finding high end gorgeous looking elegant watches for special occasions has become somewhat easy. There is a wealth of resources to find gold and diamond watches, be they on the web or in actual retail stores. What seems to be increasingly difficult is finding something in between the funky hyper-casual world of say neon Swatch watches and the world of higher end dress watches. Classy casual watches are not available in a lot of retail stores.

Luckily The Watchery has a great selection of women’s watches that are casual without being childlike or inappropriate.  The Jaques Lemans watch pictured here is indicative of  this class of well made watches that are perfect for more casual outfits. It’s stainless steel case and lime green look make it a great piece sure to attract attention but not garishly so. It is a fantastic time piece with all of the right qualities that a solid watch should have without costing an arm and a leg.

Right now is a great time to browse The Watchery for a whole world of casual and high end watches for men and women. The selection is exceptional and there is a perpetually changing series of holiday deals always available.