Seiko Watches Are Sharp And Versatile

Over the last few weeks we have spent a lot of time talking about inventive watch designs and ways that brand name timepieces can become more modern without losing some of that classy oomph we have come to expect from these pricey purchases.

Why stop now? It is easy to keep talking about these sharp looking new watch designs especially when companies like Seiko are doing great work like the watch pictured in this week’s blog post. The interesting curvature of the casing is a great look and the silver and stainless steel veneer is great for any and all fashion choices. The face itself has a great feature with a ticking dial dedicated to the day of the week. Perhaps less practical than just sort of cool looking, it might come in handy on those Thursdays where you wake up feeling like it is Friday.

Seiko watches have a great reputation and their watches bare this out, not simply in design but also in functionality and durability. The Seiko Kinetic is a great choice for people looking for a versatile and good looking watch at a price point well below that of a new car. These watches are just right for anybody on any occasion.

Colorful Men’s Watches

All too often the stylistic constraints of masculinity mean not enough color. They prefer plain style that lacks inventiveness and prides tradition over anything resembling forward thinking. It is a shame that men often feel tied to these traditional styles of dress even as many designers have attempted to drag male fashion into something like a bright new future.

When it comes to watches that traditionalism is being challenged by some of the biggest brands in the industry. Invicta mens watches for example have expanded their styles and their color patterns to include a wide array of exciting new designs. The one pictured is just one example but it is a stellar one. The bright red intricately designed face and the orange band make this a watch unlike any other and it is just the one of the designs Invicta mens watches are changing the market with.

A quick look around The Watchery’s website will reveal a ton of new designs and adventurous color choices making men’s luxury watches more than just the traditional silver, gold and leather. It is a great way to begin some stylistic reinvention while still maintaining some high brow cachet. Wearing watches is a great way to express your personal style, whatever that may be.

What makes Diamond Watches?

Calling them like you see them is not always the best way to judge luxury watches. These items often find themselves slotted into categories that do not appear to be one hundred percent accurate.  For example, a beautiful watch with a leather strap and a white face is a gold watch simply by having a small gold case around its body. In other examples a watch with just one diamond somewhere in its design might slide in right next to a completely iced out diamond encrusted watch in the diamond watches section. Is this fair?

For my money it is. The folks responsible for designing and making luxury watches do so in an educated way. They understand the style of these high end fashion accessories and make them according to stylistic guidelines that serve the watch. This means that the choice to only put one or a few diamonds is just that, an important decision. What makes diamond watches special is the way the diamonds are used, not necessarily how many diamonds there are. Looking into these accessories in terms of style will completely alter the way you value them. You are no longer valuing precious metals; you are valuing sharp design.

Seiko Watches Great Prices For Great Watches

Getting a  sharp looking watch no longer means you have to break the bank. There are a number of brands that bring luxury styles with moderate and often even cheap prices. This does not mean these brands are not durable well made watches. Take for example Seiko watches. These are good looking time pieces and over at The Watchery you can get some incredibly stylish options for between $65 and $130. That is a great price, so great it might make you skeptical about the quality of the items.

Surprisingly however I know many people who have gone for these moderately priced Seiko watches and all of them across the board have made the watches last a rather solid length of time. Months bleed into years and these watches keep on ticking and looking sharp. It is a great asset for a watch to be durable but in a lot of ways affordability can be an even greater asset. Discovering that these two qualities are actually not mutually exclusive can be quite liberating stylistically.

Once I found these fine watches at these great rates I started to find that I could have a different watch for every day of the week if I wanted to.