Famous Style And Savings On U-Boat Watches

watchesU-Boat Watches have a reputation for effectiveness and flare, and so do their namesakes. The fame of the U-Boat in the Western World is of course tied inextricably to the German submarine program of the first and second world war. The first submarine built in Germany was the two man submarine Brandtaucher, which sank to the bottom of Kiel harbor during its first test dive. Brandtaucher was later rediscovered during dredging operations in 1887, and subsequently raised sixteen years later and placed in a museum in Germany, where it remains today.

This was followed in 1890 by W1 and W2, and in 1903, the Germaniawerft dockyard in Kiel completed Germany’s first fully functional submarine, Forelle, which was sold to Russia during the Russo-Japanese War.  The German Navy’s first U-boat design, U-1 was based, ironically enough, on the Russian export models bound for the Russo-Japanese War. U-1 was commissioned into the Imperial German Navy on 14 December 1906 and by World War I, Germany had twenty-nine U-boats; in the first ten weeks, five British cruisers had been lost to them.

U-Boat watches, however, come from Italy, giving them a no less precise but particularly stylish look. Take, for instance, this suave and minimalist U-Boat Men’s Vintage Limited Edition Chronograph with a silver dial and genuine black leather straps. It may not sink ships, but is still an undeniably bold statement. Check out all our distinctive men’s watches at TheWatchery.com.

Diamonds Watches On Sale, But Not Forever!

watchesThe value of diamonds—the creation of the idea that diamonds are rare and valuable, and are essential signs of love—is a relatively recent cultural development. Until the late nineteenth century, diamonds were scarce, found only occasionally in India and Brazil, and were relatively unknown to the Western world. Colorful gems like rubies and sapphires were more prized as accessory decorations.

In 1870, however, huge diamond mines were discovered in South Africa, where diamonds were soon being scooped out by the ton. Before too long, a canny slogan, “diamonds are forever,” convinced us of their singular worth, and diamonds have become a feature of jewelry and luxury watches ever since. It is not impossible to acquire a diamond, though, especially since we are running a diamond watches sale right now at TheWatchery.com!

Take this stunning model, for instance. Created in 1945 and reintroduced into the GIRARD-PERREGAUX collection in 1995, the Vintage 1945 line is as alluring as ever with its strong lines, subtle retro appeal and curved ergonomic case.  Every Girard-Perregaux Women’s Vintage 1945 watch with mechanical movement, diamond and silver dial, an 18k rose gold case, and slate blue stain strap is brand new, never worn, with original factory parts and 100% authentic guaranteed. For a limited time, it is listed online at a staggering 60% off. Check out all the models available in our incomparable diamond sale right now at TheWatchery.com!

Amazing Sale On Breitling Watches

men's watchesContinuing this week’s focus on the love affair between sleek designer watches and fast and furious sports cars, one of our featured watches on sale for 36% off is the Breitling Bentley.

It is named, of course for Bentley Motors Limited, the legendary British manufacturer of luxury automobiles founded in 1919 by W. O. Bentley. Bentley had been previously known for his range of rotary aero-engines in World War I, but subsequently designed and made production cars that won the 24 hours of Le Mans race in 1924 and repeated those successes an absolutely absurd four more times in the same decade: 1927, 1928, 1929, and 1930.

Bentley was purchased by Rolls-Royce in 1931, and by the Volkswagen Group of Germany since 1998. But it has produced a number of truly iconic English cars since it stopped its racing program, including the Derby, the Cabriolet, the Continental, and the R Type. This combination of performance and style at Bentley perfectly matches the legacy of sophisticated watchmaking at Breitlling, and so it is only natural that they would create a line of men’s watches to match the carmaker’s chrome flair. Collectively matching anyone’s style, this classy Breitling, with either automatic or manual movement, a chrono silver storm dial design and black genuine crocodile leather strap will elegantly go with any outfit and add a cool, bold flare in the bargain.


Star Savings On Glam Rock Watches

watchesWhether you were cheering for Team Argo last night or not, 2012 was a great year for the movies. Judge the dresses, the picks and pans, the quite robust facial hair (there were like three winners with majestically flowing white locks), the lighting, whatever, but the Oscars, regardless of their choices or quality, did what they are supposed to do: provide us with a week’s worth of gossip at the very least.

Today at the Watchery we have our own rewards on offer, up to 70% on many brand-name watches, including Breil Milano’s Glam Rock brand. In a little bit of fun trivia, one of their two brand ambassadors is Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron, who pulled double duty at the Academy Awards last night by presenting an award and doing an Astaire/Rogers dance number with Channing Tatum.

While Glam rock began as a style of rock and pop music as campy and extravagant as Hollywood itself, major exemplars of the style such as David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and later influences Elton John, Prince, and Madonna have since entered the mainstream. Glam rock watches capture the color of the movement without losing any of the elegance of more traditional watch design. You can add an understated look to your outfit with unique and detailed Glam Rock women’s watches, like this Miami Beach model with a white dial and lilac silicone strap. For more, visit us online at TheWatchery.com!

Race Weekend Savings On Watches

watchesDo you feel the need: the need for speed? You may not be able to climb into a stock car this Daytona 500 race weekend, but you can take advantage of the lightning savings on brand name watches here at The Watchery.

The Daytona 500 is regarded as the most important and prestigious race on the NASCAR calendar, carrying by far the largest purse. It is also the series’ first race of the year; this phenomenon is virtually unique in sports, which tend to have championships or other major events at the end of the season rather than the start. Since 1995, U.S. television ratings for the Daytona 500 have been the highest for any auto race of the year, surpassing the traditional leader, the Indianapolis 500.

Sporting an intricate design and subdial system, this bold Tag Heuer Men’s Formula 1 Chronograph with black dial and sleek stainless steel strap is precise as it is well crafted. It is now on sale for 32% only through the online offers available at TheWatchery.com, but hurry before this deal laps you and our Daytona Race weekend designer watches savings expire.

The Da Vinci Code Of Luxury Watches

men's watchesIf you think you think you never get a break from your work, how does this sound for a job description: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. The genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, perhaps more than that of any other figure of his age, epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal. Leonardo has often been described as the archetype of the Renaissance Man, a man of “unquenchable curiosity” and “feverishly inventive imagination”.He is widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time and perhaps the most diversely talented person ever to have lived. And now, much like one of his own incredible inventions, you can channel the spirit of this master Italian polymath on your wrist.

The International Watch Company, also known as IWC, is a high-end Swiss watch manufacturer located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and is notable for being the only major Swiss watch factory located in eastern Switzerland, as the majority of the well-known Swiss watch manufacturers are located in western Switzerland. IWC’s The Da Vinci is an epitome of elegance in men’s watches, with silver dial and gold-toned hands, automatic movement, with a genuine alligator leather strap. For more inspirational brand name watches, browse our collection at TheWatchery.com

Swiss Military Calibre Watches Perform In Any Environment

watchesWe have talked more than once on this blog about Swiss Legend watches and extolled their unique heritage and technical virtues. But perhaps you are looking for something just a tad more exacting, built for function and endurance over pleasing aesthetics. Enter Swiss Military Caliber watches. These are built with all the timekeeping precision that all Swiss movements are famous for, and with the additional hardiness to meet the toughest Alpine conditions.

Now, the words “Swiss” and “military” may seem odd together considering Switzerland’s reputation for neutrality. Only about 5% of the country’s land and air forces are professional soldiers. The rest are ordinary citizens, who are compulsorily enlisted in the country’s militia system. These citizen soldiers keep all their personal equipment, including weapons, with them at home. This requirement has resulted in the popularity of military-grade gear, including high-performance watches as well as the world-renowned ‘Swiss army knife.’

This Swiss Military Calibre Men’s Revolution watch with black dial, including large, readable numbers to help ease timekeeping while hiking or engaging in other outdoor pursuits where visibility may change, as well as a comfortable and functional black rubber is brand new and available for TheWatchery.com’s signature free shipping. Come check out all our high-functioning and designer watches online today!

Get More Off MOMO Designer Watches

watchesDo you feel the need, the need for speed?

MOMO design is a firm based in Italy, headquartered in Milan, in fact, which began its life as an accessory designer for high-end and racing automobiles. MOMO’s product range includes consumer accessories such as steering wheels, gear shift knobs and alloy wheels, through to race equipment such as racing suits and helmets. MOMO airbagged steering wheels have become standard accessories on some regional Subaru and Mitsubishi performance cars.

MOMO steering wheels were standard features in many European cars throughout the 80s and 90s. MOMO has also designed a steering wheel for computer peripheral company Logitech (called the Logitech MOMO), to be used as a video game controller for racing games like Mario Kart. The company has also sponsored many prototype cars in the IMSA WSC series including the Ferrari 333 SP sports prototype car.

What does all this have to do with watches? MOMO’s sleek, European designs now include several lines of high-end and high-functioning luxury watches, including this streamlined Men’s Pilot Watch, a modern design and a classy style fuse into one. It is over 70% off right now at TheWatchery.com! Go check out our entire catalog for great savings today!

President’s Day Blowout On Brand Name Watches

watchesHappy President’s Day from all of us here at The Watchery! Close as we are to the birthday of our very first President (unless you count John Hanson, who was the first congressional president under the Articles of Confederation) George Washington, there are all kinds of neat fun facts about our nation’s leaders to brighten up your day.

For instance, Abraham Lincoln was our only president to also be a licensed bartender, and Grover Cleveland was the only president in history to hold the job of a hangman. Gerald Ford, despite his balance issues, was the lucky first person to be both vice president and president without being elected. He was appointed vice president when Spiro Agnew resigned and he succeeded to the presidency when Nixon resigned. He was once the sheriff of Erie County, New York, and twice had to spring the trap at a hanging. In terms of presidential money, William McKinley, Grover Cleveland, and James Madison are on the $500, $1000, and $5000 bill, respectively. The bills still count as legal tender but are no longer being printed. And, in the completely non sequitur department, every member of Teddy Roosevelt’s family owned a pair of stilts, including the first lady.

Of course, what would really brighten your day is to get huge savings on one of many of our luxury watches, as much as 80% off great brand name watches like this elegant Invicta Women’s Angel watch. Come check out all the watches in our blowout sale online at TheWatchery.com!

Huge Savings On Girard-Perregaux Watches

watchesHere is a saving alert: This Girard-Perregaux Women’s Vintage 1945 watch with mechanical hand wind movement, silver dial and 18k rose gold case completed by a sophisticated genuine brown leather alligator strap is brand new, never worn, with original factory parts and 100% authentic guaranteed. The Vintage 1945 line is as alluring as ever with its strong lines, subtle retro appeal and curved ergonomic case, a practical and stunning fashion statement. But right now online at TheWatchery.com it is on sale for a stunning 70% off! Take advantage of this huge discount on one of the premiere brand names in dress watches.

Girard-Perregaux has approximately 80 patents in the watch-making business and is the originator of many innovative concepts. For instance, in 1880 Constant Girard produced the first ever major commercial production of a wristwatch, made for German naval officers and ordered by German Kaiser Wilhelm I for his German naval officers. Two-thousand such watches were ordered and produced, which represents the first important commercialization of wristwatches. In 1965 Girard-Perregaux designed the first mechanic movement at high frequency, at which the balancer beats at 36,000 vibrations/hour and in 1970 Girard-Perregaux presented the world with the first wristwatch to be equipped with a quartz movement and the following year a second one which vibrates at 32,768 hertz, the frequency remaining the universal standard for quartz watches today.