Why Are Swiss Watches So Popular, Anyway?

women's watchesIt’s a good question, and oddly enough, Protestantism is to thank for the Swiss’ watchmaking prowess. In 1541, reforms implemented by Jean Calvin and banning the wear of jewels, forced the goldsmiths and other jewellers to turn into a new, independent craft : watchmaking. By the end of the century, Genevan watches were already reputable for their high quality, and watchmakers created in 1601 the Watchmakers’ Guild of Geneva, the first to be established anywhere. One century later and because Geneva was already crowded with watchmakers, many of them decided to leave the city for the receptive region of the Jura Mountains. With the end of World War I and the popularity of the wristwatch, the industry took off.

In 1911, Eugene Blum took his initials and his wife’s family name, Levy, to coin “Eugene Blum Et Levy” – EBEL. In 1914, just three years after its formation, the brand won a coveted gold medal at the Swiss National Exhibition. The family company has been successfully producing sought-after wristwatches ever since. Ebel has forged a reputation for luxury watches of supreme elegance and innovative high-end design as the signature of its exclusive watch making. Take, for instance, this classic women’s sport watch with mother of pearl dial and quartz movement. Come check out our selection of Ebel and other brand name watches at The Watchery.com today!

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