Make Sure Your Luxury Watch Is Authentic

Investing in a luxury watch is a big commitment, and while here at The Watchery we guarantee authenticity, no matter where you purchase it we want to make sure you are getting what you paid for. Here are a few steps you should consider when checking designer watches for authenticity.

fake luxury watch

1. Know the Brand, Know the Details. Every quality brand has trademarks of their make that you should know about. For example, Rolex gets its name in part by the unique movement apparatus and it’s smooth hand movement. If you hear a ticking sound, you know it’s a fake.

2. Inspect the Engraving. A quick way to reassure yourself that the brand new watch you’re buying is in fact brand new, is a quick look to any etchings on the back of the face or band. You’re looking for smudges, typos or substitutions that are a dead give-away that the watch is not what you want.

3. Be Sure to See the Movement. Ask to remove the back case and see the movement of the watch. Lacking mechanical movement is typical of counterfeits or low quality watches. If you have become especially acquainted with your brand, you’ll be even more knowledgeable about having the correct movement as well.

We hope this helps you the next time you’re shopping for men’s or women’s watches! You worked hard for your timepiece. You should only accept the best.

What’s in a Luxury Watch?

Everyone knows it’s a labor of precision, accuracy and dedication to be a watchmaker. But have you ever wondered what’s inside those beautiful luxury watches and how it all gets put together? Check out this video to see the entire, incredible process.

If you’re inspired (we know we are!) then stop by for men’s watches, women’s watches, and jaw-dropping discounts on works of art you wouldn’t think possible.

Video source: YouTube User Liquid Retro

Oversized TechnoMarine Women’s Watches

TechnoMarine Cruise Women's WatchTalking about Bell & Ross yesterday got us thinking about other brands that have exploded onto the scene amidst all the Swiss giants. Since we also featured Men’s Watches last time we are going to show some love to the ladies with some beautiful big face watches from TechnoMarine.

Founded in 1997, French entrepreneur Franck Dubarry single-handedly created a revolution among the luxury watch makers with his Raft design. The plastic strap, which sold 50,000 units on debut, has ushered a new era of bold new pieces in the luxury space.

One such piece is this stunning Women’s Cruise Black Dial watch we are currently featuring. More than telling time, a watch like this is for self expression, and with the current trend of big-faced women’s watches, this Cruise model with pink gold markers and hands, is the perfect way to stand out. The best benefit of shopping for our featured watches? The unbelievable discounts of course! Retailing at $2,100, TechnoMarine watches can be difficult to acquire. Now is the perfect time if you’re in the market because at our discount of 68% off you are unlikely to ever find a deal as good as ours.

Don’t forget to check out all our featured watches just in case something else catches your eye!

A New Classic. Bell & Ross Men’s Watches

Bell & Ress Men's Luxury WatchA lot of well respected brand name watches have similar stories. Centuries old, tales of Switzerland and signature designs anyone can recognize. A lot of times, designer watch customers are also in the mood to stand out, considering they are making a considerable investment in an accessory that represents a message more than it is for telling time. In these instances, there are a collection of new names in the ring against the big companies that just might be up your alley. Today we’re putting the spotlight on Bell & Ross, a relatively young company from France making excellent luxury watches.

Launching in 1992, the first watches from Bell & Ross were designed to replicate an instrument from an airplane cockpit. The unique style of their work reflects four principles of design. These are water resistance, accurate mechanical movement, clear visuals, and special function for specific use.

The pictured watch is a men’s aviation black dial rubber on plated stainless steel. A standout of aviation watches, these are rugged, dependable and not to mention stunning on the wrist. Perfect for the adventurer in your life, Bell & Ross watches are an excellent gift choice when you want it to stand out and be something they will treasure.

Unbelievable Breitling Men’s and Women’s Watches

Breitling Men's Luxury WatchOut of the many incredible Swiss watch makers, one manufacturer stands out as one of the most fascinating. When you purchase a Breitling watch you are buying into the history and intrigue of a company that has influenced pop culture, fashion and even our approach to watch design. Founded in 1884, Breitling SA make all their watches in Switzerland and every single component is indeed, also Swiss. They have designed their own movements in-house that have become famous for their unmatched quality and durability. If you are on the fence of luxury watches you absolutely cannot go wrong with a Breitling.

With classic designs like the Seamaster, which adorned James Bond’s wrist, or the Speedmaster Professional Chronograph, the first watch worn on the moon, you know you will be in good company. Did we mention that NASA was so impressed by Breitling’s performance they have continued to use Speedmaster Chronographs on all of their missions? We could go on about celebrities, official timekeeping of the Olympics and other amazing accolades, but we think you get the idea.

As a prestigious brand name watch, getting your hands on a Breitling might seem a little unrealistic, which is why we are promoting our great deals on a variety of  men’s watches that are sure to get everyone’s attention.

Incredible Deals on Invicta Designer Watches

Invicta Men's Corduba ChronographOne of the common tips given to people who aren’t sure what kind of watch they should buy is to not shop to impress anyone. Often we have a set budget but want something that makes a statement as well as being functional, especially if we have a luxury watch in mind. We understand that there are many gaudy, over-jeweled designs going for exorbitant prices made popular by rappers and the like, but that doesn’t mean that designer watches should be off the table. Even though many advice lists like to push function over form, at the end of the day we all like to look nice and a watch is often a fashion accessory rather than simply a timepiece.

If you’re shopping for men’s watches or women’s watches on a budget under $400 you might think that the highly regarded brand names are out of the question. That simply just is not the case, and we have a page of amazing deals on Invicta watches to prove it. The US-based watch group is originally from Switzerland, founded in 1871, traditionally specialized in modest-priced watches but dramatically changed the quality around the quartz movement revolution in the 1970s.

Make sure you check out all our great deals on Invicta watches when considering a quality piece, you won’t regret it.

Magnificent Movado Luxury Watches

movado women's watchWhen deciding on brand name watches it can be hard to pick a price range, designer and style. One great gift option for an important person in your life (maybe yourself!) is a brand new Movado.

Movado, which is Esperanto for “always in motion”, is a Swiss luxury watch company that have been making elegant, modern watches since 1881. Iconic for it’s Museum Watch, the design is a single dot on an otherwise blank canvas symbolizing the sun at high noon with the hands representing the earth’s movement. While they make a large variety of styles with differing materials, bands, and faces, the general symbolism is their trademark look.

The style is timeless and has often been associated with celebrity and other high-society trend setters making this gift appropriate for the college graduate as well as the fashionista in your life. A Movado men’s or women’s watch certainly makes a statement and can be both subtle and bold at the same time due to its unique design.

Make sure you take advantage of all our amazing discounts on Movado watches this month in a huge sale  covering enough styles that there is certainly one that is perfect for that special person in your life, even if that person is you!

Amazingly Affordable Diamond Watches

Elini Barokas Diamond WatchDiamonds have been synonymous with elegance and success ever since De Beers put them together with celebrities and royalty. Indeed, if you asked any random person what slogan goes with diamonds an amazing number would tell you “a diamond is forever” with no hesitation. Getting our hands on quality diamonds, however, is still generally out of the budget and only reserved for incredibly important moments in our lives. As usual at The Watchery, we aim to make shopping for luxury watches a more pleasant experience and have some amazing deals on offer if you are searching for the perfect diamond watch.

Take for example this beautiful Elini Barokas Diamond Blue Sand Stone Dial Women’s watch. With rose gold luminous watch hands, diamond inserts for the bezel, and Swiss made quartz movement this watch is both a stunning and quality time piece. What’s most amazing, however, is the price we have going for our current sale. Normally this watch is well outside what the wallet will allow, but when the discount is at a jaw-dropping 87% off the list price, it is time to take a second look.

No matter the type of watch you may be in the market for, or even just gift shopping and not sure what you want, make sure you browse our wide selection of men’s and women’s watches to find one that is perfect for you at a price you won’t believe.

Massive Memorial Day Savings

Invicta Subaqua IV Chronograph WatchAs we come up on one of the most important celebrations for the members of the United States Armed Forces there may be loved ones that you would like to show your appreciation. Traditionally the separation of Memorial Day and Veterans Day is the former is for honoring our fallen soldiers and the latter for all. Today, however, the holiday marks the beginning of Summer, and is a great time to surprise anybody special to you, especially those in the military, with a gift they will always cherish.

Now is the perfect time to shop for the heroes in your life with amazing savings on women’s watches and mens watches such as the Invicta Men’s Subaqua IV Chronograph watch. This watch comes in a stainless steel case with 18k rose gold plated bezel. With dependable Swiss parts chronograph quartz for the movement the Subaqua IV is both beautiful and durable.

Shopping for an important gift can be stressful and our goal is to make finding the perfect luxury watches simple and at a cost you can afford. Make sure you head over to our Memorial Day sale page and see all our specials. Some of our bestselling watches we’re offering at 80% discounts! Some even higher! What are you waiting for?

Surviving Gift Giving Season

Seiko Men's Velatura Chronograph WatchGenerally we think of December as the most expensive time of the year, but Spring has a strange way of sneaking up on us too. As Mother’s Day turns to Graduation time and then to Father’s Day, not to mention all our friends’ birthdays, it can become a real challenge. To make matters worse, these are days that we like to give something extra special, maybe something elegant to show our appreciation or congratulation. When the list of people to buy for lengthens, the quality of gift can suffer as we no longer can justify the expense. Buying the perfect luxury watch, however, is something we can help you with in order to make that day special while not breaking the bank.

Gearing up for Father’s Day? How about this Seiko Chronograph Men’s Velatura watch on sale at The Watchery for nearly half of the list price? A large, full-featured watch like this is perfect for the most important man in your life. Made with stainless steel, Japanese quartz movement and a sapphire crystal, the Velatura is both beautiful and a steal at our discounted cost. Pair that with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee as well as Free Shipping and it is a no-brainer.

Whether your gift search includes men’s watches, women’s watches, or maybe something for yourself, our featured watches section is a great place to start. Happy shopping!