Hublot Watches Given the Jay-Z Seal

men's watchesAs the build-up to superstar rapper Jay-Z’s latest album, Magna Carta, reaches incredible heights TheWatchery would like to take a moment to show some appreciation for Hip Hop’s Best-Dressed Wrist. Sean Carter is no stranger to luxury watches with a collection ranging from Rolex to Audemars Piguet to Richard Mille and more. We could talk all day about his entire collection but to save some time we’ll just focus on one outstanding model that will give its wearer the feeling that they can rock a stadium.

Featured in the music video for the overwhelmingly popular single “Otis” found on the Watch the Throne album, the Hublot Big Bang Automatic Chronograph watch is a stunner. If you listen to the track, you’ll notice Jay-Z is such a fan he included the watch in his lyrics! With hip hop’s passion for fashion and excess, it makes perfect sense for the genre’s biggest star to admire the Swiss watchmakers who are also responsible for the $5 million watch, the world’s most expensive model.

While all their watches will take a substantial bank roll to purchase, at TheWatchery we make getting your hands on a genuine Hublot easier than most with discounts of 30% and more! Stop by for the Hublot Big Bang and other designer watches!

TAG Heuer Making Moves

TAG Heuer Guy Semon Men's WatchesThe Vice-President of Science and Engineering and Head of Research and Development at luxury watch brand TAG Heuer, Guy Semon, is planning to visit Hettich Jewellers early July to discuss his latest developments in design. The significance of the event is clear to watch enthusiasts, but for others it may take some updating on what has been going on in their camp to fully comprehend the situation.

Semon has been labelled a genius in the watchmaking community and among his stable of products are some of the most technologically intricate pieces the world has ever seen. One of his most famous designs, the TAG Heuer MikrotourbillonS, is the first dual-tourbillon chronograph with the ability to start and stop at 1/100th of a second.

TAG Heuer and Hettich Jewellers have been doing business for several generations and they have announced how pleased they are to welcome the man who will usher in the future of precision in wristwatches. These designer watches are just as attractive to the physics nerds as the fashion elite.

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Powerfully Popular G-Shock Watches

For the last 25 years, Casio’s G-Shock Men’s Watches have been the definition of tough. Designed for sports and outdoor activity, they have become a favorite of both athletes and the military. Named for their ability to live a life of hard knocks and vibrations, the watches  always come with a stopwatch, countdown, timer, and significant water resistance. Besides the utility, these brand name watches have become a must-have accessory in urban style.

In recent years you can see the G-Shock’s influence through the partnerships they have made. Popular skate and urban brands like A Bathing Ape, Stussy, and Lifted Research Group have all worked together to make collaboration models with the sought-after design.

Kanye West Bape G-Shock Mens WatchIn addition to the brands, hip hop and R&B artists have been spotted time and again wearing the classic watch. Entertainers such as Usher, Wiz Khalifa, and even rap’s self-proclaimed king of fashion, Kanye West, are on the long list of the G-Shock’s fans.

So the watch has history, high-fashion credibility, and is tough enough for America’s toughest men and women in the Armed Forces. What more could you want? How about affordability? Our 30% discount off list price makes this one of our best deals on discount watches. Get yours today!

Legendary Watches at Unbeatable Prices

There is a wide variety of quality discount luxury watches at The Watchery, and we know choosing from such a comprehensive selection can sometimes be difficult. Our sales tend to focus on a specific brand or a specific kind of watch, but rarely on a specific style. In light of that, we are offering a special group of classic designs that have all proven the test of time, and helped make their respective makers famous. These legendary luxury watches are each noteworthy in their own respect, but we’ll give you a preview of our favorites.

men's watchesFirst on display, the Tissot Velcro-T men’s watch. An instantly recognizable chronograph face, a Tissot is an excellent choice for the sports enthusiast in your life. They have been the official timekeepers in a variety of professional sports including NASCAR, MotoGP, International Basketball (FIBA) and more for quite some time. The company embodies affordable Swiss engineering, and with our added 34% discount, it is a great opportunity to buy one.

women's watchesAnd for our women’s watches, the company that won the coveted position of representing the UEFA Champions League, Jacques Lemans have become almost overnight legends, considering the brand’s young age. They have made a dramatic entrance to the world of designer watches since their debut in 1975 and with options like this White Diamond model, it is easy to see why. Get this amazing piece at over 75% off the list price!


Hollywood Watches: Expendables 2

Panerai Mens Watch ExpendablesThe 2010 Hollywood action-extravaganza The Expendables was released to great acclaim and gave fans of classic action films exactly what they were missing. The 2012 sequel made everything bigger, from the explosions to the muscles to the cheese-factor of non-stop one-liners. One thing that caught our eye at The Watchery is that their style also blew up! Sly Stallone can be seen wearing one of our favorite luxury watches from Panerai.

Dating back to 1860 in the gorgeous city of Florence, it makes sense that the ‘Italian Stallion’ would choose an elegant design from his Motherland, and one that has a macho, wartime history. It also makes sense, however, because this is not Stallone’s first encounter with the watch-maker. In 1995 he bought a Luminor in Rome for his film Daylight and has remained a stalwart customer since.

men's watchesOur finest Panerai on offer, this Men’s Radiomir with a genuine alligator strap is simply spellbinding. This is the model that brought fame to Panerai by becoming the official watch for the Royal Italian Navy, and has continued to hold the title for over one hundred years.

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New Arrivals from August Steiner

men's watchesTGIF – now that the working week’s over and done with, why not start the weekend with a little retail therapy?

Here at The Watchery we’re excited to introduce several new styles from luxury watches brand, August Steiner. Featuring formal and casual styles for both women and men, this new collection of brand name watches offers something for every taste.

Here are some of our top picks:

The AS8062YG juxtaposes a 70s-esque tortoise look with a sportier structure for an eye-catching effect. Pairing well with maxi dresses and sandals, this is a watch ideal for the modern-day Faye Dunaway.

Available now just for $80.99, reduced from $395.

For guys looking for an easy way to incorporate naval style into their summer look, the AS8061BU comes highly recommended. Its blue-and-yellow striped canvas strap is right on trend with the nautical trend currently dominating men’s fashion and accessories.

Retailing now for $46.99, customers can take advantage of a savings of an impressive 76%.

A more avant-garde style is available in the form of the men’s AS8057BR. Featuring a silver sunray dial with inner etched pattern and gold-tone luminous hour markers, this unconventional timepiece is well-suited to those who like to buck the trend and shake up the aesthetic status quo.

On sale now for $80.99, discounted from $395.

Stack Up on Style

discount luxury watchesWhile a well-crafted women’s watch is an accessory that’s sure to stand the test of time, sometimes it’s fun to mix up your look to keep monotony at bay.

A current trend that’s more than a mere flash in the pan fad is mixing luxury watches with bracelets, cuffs and bangles. A great look for daytime, this accessory arrangement can easily be tweaked for evening engagements.

What you’re aiming for here is pleasing contrast so try to source a watch that’s slightly jarring when considered alongside the accompanying accessories e.g. combine a robust, eye-catching  style like the Activa AA201-020 with a generous stack of slim brown leather bracelets for an intriguingly complex look.

For those enamored of fashion’s current fondness for sci-fi looks, the Breil TW1012 (pictured) is the ideal entry piece. Pair this minimalist, slightly masculine timepiece with a sleek black leather cuff for an edgy take on this trend.

A particularly opulent look is easily achieved by teaming one of our more outré women’s watches with several pieces of metallic jewelry. Gold bracelets and studded silver cuffs help in bringing out the brilliance of this watch.

Essential Tips for Storing Luxury Watches

bracelet watchesFor those of us with a taste for the finer watches in life, we know that security and style go hand in hand so ensuring luxury watches are safely stored at home is imperative. Unsure how to go about sourcing a storage method that keeps your favorite brand name watches safe but also shows them off to full effect? Check out our top suggestions below:

Opt for a standard watch box. Since storing watches each in their own original boxes can be untidy and too space-consuming, a watch box offers a simple means of storing each piece of your collection together in one place.

Consider a safe for optimal security. If some of your watches cost more than your car, then it’s advisable you make sure they’re out of sight and under tight lock and key. This is especially true for styles studded with diamonds or made with gold. A quality safe is an essential accessory for a highly valuable watch.

Make-over a humidor. Especially useful for those with a collection of vintage watches, a humidor is the perfect environment for watches that need to be hidden away from moist air and dust. The constancy of temperature and humidity provided by a humidor is ideal for such watches.

Our Top 3 Beach-ready Brand Name Watches

big watchesSummertime opens up a whole range of possibilities with regard to enjoying ourselves outdoors. Whether dining al fresco, strolling through a sun-drenched park, lounging by the pool or spending a day by the seaside, summer offers plenty of potential for fun.

Below, we round up our top 3 beach-ready brand name watches from Ebel to Michael Kors:

For men, the Ebel Classic Sport watch, fuses the functional framework of a sports watch with the refinement of a dressier style. Its sand-colored rubber strap means it both looks the part and offers a resilience superior to many other watches. Water resistant up to 165 feet, wearers need not worry about taking this timepiece for a splash. On sale now for $1,537.99, this model is reduced from $2,300.

For those on a budget, the black textured dial black ion-plated stainless steel style from Lancaster’s collection of men’s watches may be more suitable.

The optimal seaside style for women, the Michael Kors brown dial two-tone timepiece mixes sturdy stainless steel with a luxurious palette of elegant tortoise and zesty orange. Wearers can easily take a dip without worrying about watch malfunction due to this model’s water resistance up to 330 feet. Priced at just $227.99, inimitable 1970s style is easily achieved with this item.

Announcing Our Grovana Hot Summer Event

brand name watchesAs the temperatures rise, we’re ushering in the summer weather with a limited-time sale on the hottest styles from our collection of Grovana luxury watches. Featuring discounts of up to 67%, these are savings you really can’t afford to miss out on.

With well over 80 years of watch-making experience, Grovana is a Swiss brand specializing in watches which fuse timeless elegance with reliable construction.

This Spring Summer 2013, staying in style means making a serious statement. The stainless steel two tone bracelet watch from Grovana’s men’s watches collection is ideal for cutting an eye-catching figure when at the office, dining out, or painting the town red. Deeply discounted from from $895 to $215.99, this dual-tone watch is a summer-ready accessory perfectly suited to both casual and formal occasions.

For women searching for the optimal summer style, the silver dial brown leather model comes highly recommended. Easily teamed with a safari look, this watch looks particularly good with khaki shorts, gladiator sandals and a military-style blouse. Despite a recommended list price of $495, this item is currently on sale for just $179.99.

Also included in the sale are several sporty styles which are great for long summer days spent sailing, hiking, or enjoying a few leisurely rounds of golf. Don’t miss out, these prices are available for a limited time only!