Hollywood Watches: Dark Knight Trilogy

Batman Reverso Grande TailleOne of the most successful series in recent Hollywood history, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, has captivated audiences from the first film in 2005 to last year’s exciting conclusion. All of the films are outstanding and Christian Bale certainly cemented himself as the Bruce Wayne that future adaptations will be measured up against. When it comes to wealthy leading roles, their fashion sense has always got to be impeccable and Bale’s Batman is no exception.

The crime-fighting vigilante’s designer watch of choice? The Reverso from Jaeger-LeCoultre. The watch manufacturer is truly head of its class, boasting incredible feats such as world’s smallest caliber and world’s most complicated wristwatch. The Reverso model dates back to 1931 and was designed to survive the rigors of a polo match. Christian Bale sported a Reverso Grand Taille in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and he wasn’t the first Batman to do it! Maybe an homage to Val Kilmer, who also adorned a Reverso in Batman Forever, the design is classic.

You’re probably wondering what he wore in The Dark Knight Rises. That watch was truly a standout. For the trilogy-closing film, Jaeger-LeCoultre made Bale a stunning special edition Grande Reverso tribute to the 1931 model. 

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