Hublot Watches Given the Jay-Z Seal

men's watchesAs the build-up to superstar rapper Jay-Z’s latest album, Magna Carta, reaches incredible heights TheWatchery would like to take a moment to show some appreciation for Hip Hop’s Best-Dressed Wrist. Sean Carter is no stranger to luxury watches with a collection ranging from Rolex to Audemars Piguet to Richard Mille and more. We could talk all day about his entire collection but to save some time we’ll just focus on one outstanding model that will give its wearer the feeling that they can rock a stadium.

Featured in the music video for the overwhelmingly popular single “Otis” found on the Watch the Throne album, the Hublot Big Bang Automatic Chronograph watch is a stunner. If you listen to the track, you’ll notice Jay-Z is such a fan he included the watch in his lyrics! With hip hop’s passion for fashion and excess, it makes perfect sense for the genre’s biggest star to admire the Swiss watchmakers who are also responsible for the $5 million watch, the world’s most expensive model.

While all their watches will take a substantial bank roll to purchase, at TheWatchery we make getting your hands on a genuine Hublot easier than most with discounts of 30% and more! Stop by for the Hublot Big Bang and other designer watches!

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