Real Men Wear Pink…Luxury Watches

Invicta Men's WatchWhenever we feature men’s watches they have been trendy, well-known designs, but today we thought we’d share a design that is for the more adventurous individual. Not everyone has the ability to wear a bold fashion statement with confidence, so for the more traditional you may need to look elsewhere. For those that are excited by their clothing and accessories, this Invicta Men’s Chronograph Watch will be right up your alley.

We have it on good authority that wearing pink can have a dramatic effect on a man’s life. We’re sure you are interested in having more confidence, compliments from female coworkers, and possibly even higher wages. Invicta men’s watches are always high quality, and this Venom Reserve Pink Dial is no exception. All of their signature perks: Swiss made chronograph quartz, water resistance to 1000 meters, and stainless steel case back let them know you didn’t buy the wristwatch just for the color.

The reasons why a man should wear pink are obvious, even if you are nervous about being able to pull it off. It’s well known that women appreciate a man with style, it displays confidence and can help start a conversation, and if you get lost in a crowd it is much easier to find you. If you are intrigued, but can’t commit to a pink shirt, than this designer watch is the way to go!

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