Leap into our Labor Day Weekend Sale!

This labor Day we’ve got deals among deals! You’ve been working harder than a sled dog with something to prove, so treat yourself!

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We’ve got watches even Tom Haverford wouldn’t scoff at. The Tissot Velcro-T men’s watch ($431.00 at 34% off) is perfect for keeping it classy on your day off. The only combination that matches the classiness of black and gold is white and gold.

Well–maybe gold and gold. Among the many discount luxury watches we have on sale is the Seiko SRKZ74P1 ($269.50 at 66% off), a simple and elegant timepiece with classic Roman numerals and a discreet but strikingly placed chronograph.gold watches Seiko are masters of economical design, in terms of both body and face.

Of course, if you’re as big a fan of black and gold watches as we are, we’ve got options for you, including one of our favorites, the Jacques Lemans Geneve ($349.00 at 83% off) and the Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Silver ($899.00 at 40% off). Whatever your taste, you should treat yourself!

gold watchesDid you think we’d left jeweled watches off the bill? Not a chance. Look at this classy number, the Rotary Evolution TZ2. Rose gold is a paragon of understated elegance, and everything about this watch–its textured face, the details of the strap–is subtle, but the combination of details leaves a lasting impression.

Take a good honest rest this Labor Day, browse through our selection, and treat yourself!

Moony for Moonphase Watches

luxury watchesMoonphase watches received a good deal of attention back in 2011 after GQ declared that they were hot items. It’s surprising to some that their popularity has had a resurgence in the past year, but we think it makes sense. The moonphase adds an extra dimension to the face of the watch in the form of variation in color and geometric shape in a sea of luxury watches that can sometimes feel a bit samey. While these are classic designs, variety is, of course, the spice of life, and the fluid shape of the moonphase diagram is a striking counterpoint to the round face in which it sits.

The moonphase watch’s original purpose was to indicate how bright the evening would be for anyone planning to walk about at night. Going farther back, the lunar cycle was once used as a calendar during medieval times. Perhaps this is what influences the distinct starry atmosphere most moonphase luxury watches convey; they harken back to a time we often view in light of classic tales of chivalry and adventure, and the starry sky calls to mind fairy tales involving knights and princesses. You wouldn’t expect so much from a timepiece, but it’s amazing what a simple design touch can do!

Travel the World with Jacob & Co. Watches

International travelers! The Watchery has the perfect watch for you!

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Founded by Jacob Arabo, also known as Jacob the Jeweler, Jacob & Co. came into existence when the young man was just 21 years old. Having moved to the United States from Uzbekistan at 14, Arabo dropped out of high school to complete a jewelry design course. By 17 years old he was designing jewelry in a factory in New York City’s diamond district and at 21 years old, his company was formed.

Starting out with moderately priced products, Jacob & Co. soon gained the attention of of celebrities and the brand shifted to luxury watches and jewelry. Today, the famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo graces the Jacob & Co.‘s homepage sporting one of their famous watches.

Jacob & Co. is best known for its “Five Time Zone” watches. From this collection, “The World is Yours” watch won the Travel and Leisure Design Award in 2006. Featured here is one of these acclaimed watches for women, style no. JCM47WM, with a baby blue strap, blue mother of pearl dial, white diamonds and, of course, four additional time zone subdials. This watch is available for $6,299.99, a 63% savings!

Visit TheWatchery.com for more watches from this collection for men and women.

Luxury Watches Fit for Royalty

Whether you’re an Anglophile or just someone who appreciates a classic watch, Asprey of London is definitely the brand to appeal to your tastes. Founded in 1781 as a silk printing business, Asprey has extended its products to include jewelry, watches, leather goods, polo equipment and books. Originally based in Surrey, Asprey’s headquarters is located in the prime location of New Bond Street in London.

men's watchesSome the company’s most unique products are crowns, coronets and scepters for royalty around the world! The company was granted its first Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria in 1862. The luxury watch brand’s royal connections continue with this day, as Asprey was involved in recreating Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond diadem for a special portrait marking the Diamond Jubilee last year.

If you want a watch fit for a king, look no further. Among Asprey’s collection of classic, stylish luxury watches is style no. 1030764. This men’s watch features a leather strap, stainless steel case and Quartz movement. Originally listed at $2,750.00, The Watchery is now selling this luxury watch for $813.00. Top quality for an affordable price: that’s something you can’t beat!

If you fancy treating yourself for a watch fit for royalty, visit TheWatchery.com for more watches from Asprey of London.

Over 80% Off Invicta Watches for Men!

If you’re ready to go big and bold, Invicta watches are here for you at The Watchery!

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Founded in Le Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1837, Invicta brought its long tradition of Swiss watch design and manufacturing to a new U.S. headquarters in 1991. Originally specializing in moderately priced watches, Invicta now produces high quality luxury watches. Don’t let the idea of high prices put you off – The Watchery now has a number of Invicta watches for sale at more than 80% off!

For those who like to have a watch that stands out, you can’t miss the bold design Invicta’s 1393. Part of the Subaqua/Reserve series, this watch not only looks great, but it’s also water resistant up to 50 ATM or 1650 feet! Don’t think that you need to be a diver to take advantage of this feature. For anyone heading to the beach a few more times before the end of summer, take this watch with you! This discount luxury watch from The Watchery is now 86%! That means that you’ll get it for only $215.50.

We know that yellow probably isn’t the color for everyone. Head over to TheWatchery.com to take a look at Invicta’s 12053 (in blue) and 12052 (in black).

Luxury Watches for Men

Yesterday, we highlighted a few of our women’s watches that have special deals this week. Today, it’s all about watches for men!

Check out the deals that will last for just a limited time:Swiss watches

Rado’s R20664152 lives up to the brand’s tradition of innovation and bold design. Known for making the first watch with scratch-proof materials, Rado has continued to craft luxury watches of top-quality materials, mechanics and design. This stainless steel and ceramic watch for men is no exception. On sale now for $869.00 at The Watchery, you’re getting this luxury timepiece at a 57% discount.

invicta mens watchesIf you’re looking for something a bit bigger and bolder, Invicta’s 12900 may be just the watch for you. With its skeleton dial in silver, rose and blue, Invicta brings an artistic intricacy to to this Chronograph watch. Marked down for a list price of $4,995.00, The Watchery is now selling this watch from Invicta for just $849.00. discount luxury watches

For those of you who are willing to splurge a little bit more, but still want a great deal, we have just the luxury watch for you. Take a look at style MP6178-SS001-12E from Maurice LaCroix. Its classic style makes this watch the perfect accessory for a formal event or meeting. Currently, it’s on sale for $2,499.99. That’s a 77% savings off the list price!


This Week’s Deals on Diamond Watches for Women

Every week at The Watchery, we have special deals on luxury watches that last for a limited time only. This week we have some stunning diamond watches for women!

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From Clerc’s CXX Scuba series is style CXXDSP1, with a magenta rubber strap and white diamond details on the case and dial. Hand-made in Switzerland and sealed with the prestigious Cle de Geneve, Clerc watches are always of the highest quality. This model is currently on sale for $3,741.99, which is 80% off the list price!

designer watches

The next stunning timepiece on sale this week is Baume & Mercier’s MOA8739. Part of the Diamant series, the stainless steel watch, featuring 14 white diamonds set on bezel, can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Baume & Mercier was founded in 1830 and has continued to be at the forefront of luxury watch design and production. This watch is no exception. You’ll find it at The Watchery, down from an original price of $3,490.00, now for just $1,799.00.

diamond watches

Finally, we have style 114.020.100 from Bedat & Co. A newer name in Swiss watchmaking, Bedat & Co. was founded in 1996, and has since grown its reputation to match the the quality and prestige of the greats of Swiss watch production. The Watchery has this fine watch with 89 sparkling diamonds on its case at a 65% discount for just $3,200.00!

Bringing Sporty Back with G-Shock Watches

Many aspects of 90s fashion and culture have been making a comeback in recent years–everything from anklets to mesh. It’s not altogether surprising; to quote Q-Tip, everything goes in cycles.

One cycle we didn’t quite see coming, though, is the rise, fall, and second rising of the Casio G-Shock. Perhaps the sportiest watch on the market, the G-Shock’s primary features are its resistance to heavy blows and its prominent stopwatch function. These things may seem irrelevant with the advent of smartphones, which are equipped with stopwatches and clocks–but ask anyone with a shattered touch screen if the iPhone is shock resistant. In fact, people drop their phones most often when they’re hurriedly pulling them out to check the time. Exercise mishaps are also much more common than you might think, what with elastic armbands.

Visually, G-Shock watches are, by today’s standards, singularly retro. Its plastic gloss and blocky shape are decidedly counter to what we’ve come to accept as fashionable. But that’s precisely their appeal. The stark primary colors of G-Shock watches naturally draw the eye, and their idiosyncratic shape is something onlookers actively try to decipher. Those with both a penchant for nostalgia and an eye for the future can use a G-Shock watch to make a powerful statement: the past is never irrelevant.

Black and Gold: The Elegance of Jacques Lemans

discount luxury watchesSometimes class is key. In fact–most times, class is key. It doesn’t whether you’re a public speaker running the gala circuit, or a chef; a nice accessory is an emblem of your composure in any situation. It conveys your class to everyone around you–and we’re not talking about your paycheck. The affectation of neatness is what elicits trust; it shows that you’re capable of keeping your cool.

Certain color combinations are just classy by nature. There’s a reason for the term “black tie affair,” just like there’s a reason the Academy Award statuette is gold. Even if your everyday job doesn’t require a suit and tie every day, applying these universally accepted signifiers of class to your wardrobe will leave the same impression.

Jacques Lemans’ designer watches exemplify the classiness of black and gold. There’s a subtle grace about a black watch with a gold trim, and an impressive luxury about a gold watch with a black trim. With their simple, but well-defined designs, these watches leave an impression. Memorability is the hallmark of professionals; they are instrumental to their respective operations. Making an impression, by extension, is paramount to not only gaining respect, but keeping it, and encouraging the growth of fruitful professional relationships.

The Earthy Tones of Fossil Watches

watches for menFossil earns its name with its wide selection of earthy watches. As the story goes, the two founders, Tom and Kosta Kartsosis, named the company after their father, whom they referred to as an “old fossil.” Affectionate origins aside, many of Fossil’s watches evoke a railroad sensibility, hearkening back to a time when fossil fuels were a recent discovery. Because of this, many of them have a bit of a rugged association–perfect to complete a bartender’s outfit, at a trendy but intimate, hidden speakeasy.

Take a look at this men’s Ansel brown dial watch (FS4670, $125.99). Functional and efficient, but smart in its subversion of symmetry with Fossil’s signature crown and pusher placement (which is to say, the knobs on the side), this watch is perfect for a softly lit gastro pub. Fossil’s understated designs are perfect for the subtly fashionable.

Alternatively, Fossil’s white dial leather watch (JR1423, $118.99) brings Fossil’s classic build into a more eye-catching context with a stark white aesthetic sure to fit into a more a la mode outfit. Match with a white belt or shoes and primary colors for an outfit that pops, or let it stand out against a mostly dark outfit. Whatever your preference, Fossil watches are the mark of someone fashionably down-to-earth.