Celebrate Halloween with a Spooky Skeleton Watch

Happy Halloween, watch lovers! Continuing in our skeleton watch theme for the week, we bring you luxury watches for men and women from Stuhrling. The watch to the left is the Alpine Reaper, style 524.332DOB2, featureing a skull and crossbones prominently in the design. This watch with a  scalloped case of stainless steel and half-sphere crown with a rubber ring is now 64% off. On the right is style 422.332D51 with a stunning dragon design for 47% off the list price.


The women’s watches with skeleton dials include the Lady Delphi watches: style 458L.123569 (left) and style 458L.12151 (right). Retailing at 74% off the retail prices on TheWatchery.com, these watches are currently available at unbeatable prices.


Skeleton Watches from Revue Thommen

Revue Thommen watches have been at the top of the Swiss watch industry since the watchmaker’s founding in 1853 by Gedeon Thommen. Adding to its reputation for quality, the company also began producing aviation instruments, which are  leading products in the industry to this day.

Today, The Watchery is highlighting two skeleton watches from Revue Thommen: style 12200-2537 for men (left) and style 12001-2512 for women (right). Both luxury watches are currently available at 44% off the list price.

Revue Thommen watchesRevue Thommen watches

Skeletonized Clerc Watches for Men

Continuing in our line of luxury skeleton watches this we, The Watchery brings you our collection of skeletonized watches from Clerc. Handmade in Switzerland and winner of the prestigious cle de Geneve award, Clerc watches truly meet the highest standards in Swiss watchmaking. A number of state leaders, members of royal families and popular celebrities have chosen Clerc watches for this reason.

The three skeleton watches from Clerc that are featured below are currently available for great values through The Watchery at 72% to 75% off their list prices.

Clerc watches
Clerc watches
Style:  I8SKA11-BLKST
Clerc watches
Style:  I8SKA12

Celebrate Halloween with a Skeleton Watch!

In the spirit of Halloween, we’re going to be showcasing some of our favorite skeleton watches available from The Watchery this week! By that, of course, we don’t mean watches made from bones or with images of skeletons, but rather watches in which the inner mechanisms can be seen from the outside.

Rotary watches are known for their classic Swiss construction going back to their founding in La Chaux de Fonds in 1895. These discount luxury watches from the Rotary skeleton collection, featuring stainless steel parts and leather straps, are all currently available from The Watchery at 82% off!

Rotary watches
Style: GLE000017-21-S
Rotary watches
Style: GLE000017-10
Rotary watches
Style: GLE000014-21
Style: GLE000017-21

Swiss Legend Diamond Karamica

The Swiss Legend Karamica Diamonds time piece is truly stunning. Swiss Legend prides themselves on creating their own “legendary” reputation and bringing their loyal customers timepieces steeped in tradition, design, and versatility. Being a dynamic and alive brand in itself, these newer pieces truly capture the future while paying respect to classic beauty.

The Swiss Legend Karamica Diamond watch is bold and beautiful. Featuring a display of diamonds around the dial, this quality crafted timepiece is a stunner. This piece will always match a lady’s evening dress, and can be shipped out the same business day if ordered before 2 pm!

Check out some variations of the master timepiece below. Click the photos for more details!

Swiss Legend Women's Watches
Style: 20052-WBKG
Swiss Legend Watches
Style: 20051-WBKWSR
Swiss Legend Women's Watches
Style: 20052-WWTR

Bedat & Co. Women’s Watches

Bedat & Co. is a quality manufacturer of sophisticated women’s luxury watches. The company was founded by Madame Simon Bedat, who started the company with a strong desire to pay tribute to women by designing watches for their busy lifestyle. Bedat established the company in her native Switzerland. Today the company had grown a great deal and has over 166 strong points of sales presence in countries including the US, Europe, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Bedat & Co. design features very intricate and sophisticated styles, and simplistic color schemes. These beautiful timepieces are extravagant enough to wear with your nicest outfit, but simplistic enough to wear with anything. Below are some of my favorite designs by the company. Click on any of the photos of these luxury watches to be brought to the product page where you can learn more!

Bedat & Co. Women's Watches
Style: B831-011-100-B
Bedat & Co. Women's Watches
Style: B830-021-100-B
Bedat & Co. Women's Watches
Style: B830-011-101-B


Bedat & Co. Women's Watches
Style: B828-021-600-B



Invicta Women’s Ceramics Watch

Invicta watches feature modern design and the perfect touch of class. Based in America, this company was founded in 1937 by Raphael Picard, then later purchased by a US based investment company in 1991.

Below you can see some different variations of the Invicta Women’s Ceramic Watch. Take note of the sophisticated color schemes featured. These pieces not only are quality crafted, but feature some very well thought out color schemes. Right now the women’s watches pictured below are available on The Watchery with a 30 day money-back guarantee, and free shipping! Click the photos below for more details and you could have your watch in the next 2-4 business days!

Invicta Women's Watches
Style: 14898
Invicta Women's Watches
Style: 14894
Invicta watches for women
Style: 14912
Invicta Watches For Women
Style: 14899

Watches For The Season!

October is coming to an end, and that means Halloween is almost here! Now, dressing up is always a custom, but costumes may not be for everyone. Why not show some holiday spirit by sporting a watch colored for the holiday? The Watchery has a large selection of men’s and women’s watches in Halloween’s signature color, orange. Check out some of the men’s and women’s watches below from brands such as Invicta, Haurex, Swiss Legend, and more! Worried it’s too late to order for Halloween? Think again. All watches from The Watchery ship in 2 to 4 business days!

Swiss Legend Women's Watches
Style: 10535-06
divers watches
Style: OC0211
Swiss Legend Watches
Style: 11044D-06


Invicta Women's Watches
Style: 11733

Maurice Lacroix Mens Watches

Maurice Lacroix has been making luxury watches since it’s founding in 1975. It’s father company, Desco Von Schulthess, was founded in 1889 with it’s roots in the silk trade.

Maurice Lacroix has a strong objective “both through consistent preservation of the long tradition of the Swiss watchmaking art and meeting its standards, as well as creating, with its very own, innovative complications and movement developments, contemporary design and a heightened passion for detail and perfection, extraordinary timepieces.” (MauriceLacroix.com)

The Maurice Lacroix Pantos watch for men is extremely elegant and features outstanding craftsmanship. The simplistic design and sophisticated color scheme work together to create a truly stunning piece. Take a look below at two separate variations of these beautiful men’s watches available currently at a very reasonable price through The Watchery. Click on the photos to be taken to the product page!

Maurice Lacroix Men's Watches
Style: PT6257-SS001-130
Maurice Lacroix Men's Watches
Style: PT6257-SS001-330

The Timelessness of Bedat & Co. Watches

Bedat & Co. makes classic, feminine timepieces for women. The brand’s founder, Simone Bedat, prides herself in being one of the few women to have founded a luxury Swiss watch brand at the time. The luxury watches are recognizable by the number 8 standing out from the others, which are marked by Roman numerals, diamond indices or other markers. This unique feature, also the symbol for infinity, is representative of the timeless quality of Bedat & Co. watches.

Style no. 710.SER-STE
luxury watches
Style no. B316-011-109-B
Style no. B827-010-600-S
luxury watches
Style no. B827-041-600-B