A New Classic. Bell & Ross Men’s Watches

Bell & Ress Men's Luxury WatchA lot of well respected brand name watches have similar stories. Centuries old, tales of Switzerland and signature designs anyone can recognize. A lot of times, designer watch customers are also in the mood to stand out, considering they are making a considerable investment in an accessory that represents a message more than it is for telling time. In these instances, there are a collection of new names in the ring against the big companies that just might be up your alley. Today we’re putting the spotlight on Bell & Ross, a relatively young company from France making excellent luxury watches.

Launching in 1992, the first watches from Bell & Ross were designed to replicate an instrument from an airplane cockpit. The unique style of their work reflects four principles of design. These are water resistance, accurate mechanical movement, clear visuals, and special function for specific use.

The pictured watch is a men’s aviation black dial rubber on plated stainless steel. A standout of aviation watches, these are rugged, dependable and not to mention stunning on the wrist. Perfect for the adventurer in your life, Bell & Ross watches are an excellent gift choice when you want it to stand out and be something they will treasure.

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