Baume and Mercier Have a History of Elegance

Baume and Mercier watches are quite a beautiful choice for any one. Luxurious, well made and stylish, these Swiss watches are a real eye catcher, as they should be. Baume and Mercier has been around since 1830, a true old timer in the world of timepieces. And with that many years of experience you know the end product is going to be fabulous.

It is represented in 75 countries and they make 200,000 watches a year. They have made a name for themselves in making sporty chronographs, but their styles are still broad enough to attract anyone looking for a watch to last a lifetime.

The Watchery carries a variety of Baume and Mercier styles that will appeal to everyone. From modern looking styles to something a little classic for nights out and special events, you can find any style you need for a price you can afford.

So when you are looking for a true classic from a company who has the years of experience and knowledge you can trust, look no further. Baume and Mercier will provide you with a watch that lasts a lifetime, to be passed on to your children and your children’s children.




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