Cartier Watches and Classic Roman Numerals

Ever notice how many of Cartier watches, especially dress watches, have roman numerals on their faces? It’s kind of a staple of a lot of their design. Beautiful, bold Roman numerals. There’s something about the usage of Roman numerals that makes us take them more seriously. Maybe it’s their regal look, the classicism, the fact that they are so rarely used today as they are not the standard. But maybe they should be.

Maybe with your Cartier watches, you can bring back the Roman numeral movement. You can start writing down the date in them, can recite your birthday in them, balance your check book with them, and use them in ever day language.  People may think you are a little weird at first, but just think of the possibilities if you can get the ball rolling and get others to follow suit! We’d live in a much more dignified world. It’d be pretty neat. But maybe having them everywhere would eventually take away from how unique they are. Maybe they should be preserved for beautiful things.

So the next time you admire that Cartier watch on your wrist, think about the beauty of those Roman numerals. They are definitely something special.

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