Cartier Watches Can Give You Time Enough at Last

One of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes as a kid was Time Enough at Last. It was that episode where Henry Bemis loves to read but never finds enough time to read everything he’d like. The H bomb drops and he survives, him and all his books. He finally has all the time to read, until he stumbles and his glasses fall and shatter, leaving him virtually blind.

That twist was pretty stunning and  stuck with me ever since I was a little girl. wouldn’t you want time enough at last to experience everything you’d want? Read all the books you never had time for, explore places you haven’t yet traveled? Maybe you can’t stop time but Cartier watches will certainly make you feel like you have all the time in the world. With such elegant designs and eye catching faces, just checking the time will make you feel as if there’s no rush.

So if you need to feel like you’ve got time on your side, consider Cartier watches.  You’ll love it and others will too. And you really will feel as though you have time enough at last.

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