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Presidential Time…

cosTiming is everything for today’s top executives, especially when you’re one of the leaders of the free world. Today is Presidents Day across the United States. Although much attention has been paid to the moderately priced Timex and Jorg Gray wristwatches worn by recent Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton respectively, many of their predecessors knew a thing or two regarding time-keeping excellence.

A Tiffany & Co. timepiece was seen on the wrist of 32nd President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during his three terms in office as President from 1933 to 1945. Roosevelt also wore a Frankfeld Repeater Skeleton pocket watch as well.

VULCAIN-210550.280LBK (1)Harry S. Truman, who followed Roosevelt in office, wore a Universal Genève Tri-Complex chronograph watch during his years in office as well as a Vulcain Cricket Alarm watch. Truman was the first US president to start the tradition of receiving a Vulcain Swiss timepiece to commemorate his first years in office. Each President who followed Truman into office has also received a Vulcain Cricket watch from the Swiss watchmaker in honor of their presidency. Presidents Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush have been seen wearing their Vulcain Cricket watches while in office, while many of the others have chosen not to wear them.

Prestigious watchmaker Rolex has certainly been the watch of choice for Presidents Dwight David Eisenhower,  Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan. A solid gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch was gifted to Eisenhower Rolex in 1951 to thank Eisenhower for saving Europe from the Nazi occupation, during  his stand as a US General in World War II.ROLEX-16253-PO

Kennedy was more of an admirer of Omega watches and wore a rectangular 18K gold strap model to his 1961 Inauguration. He also had Bulova and Cartier timepieces in his collection. Kennedy also received an 18K gold Rolex Date-Just in 1962 from Marilyn Monroe, with the words “Jack With Love Always From Marilyn, May 29th 1962” engraved on the back, but apparently never wore the watch.

Lyndon Johnson, the nation’s 36th President was a true watch aficionado and had premium Patek Philippe, Hamilton, Vulcain Cricket, Jaeger-LeCoulte and Rolex timepieces in his esteemed collection. The Rolex Date-Just watch Johnson wore during his years in office from 1963 -1969, was named the Rolex President’s Watch by Rolex, while the triple-link bracelet on the watch was name the Presidential bracelet as well.

ROLEX-19018-PORichard M. Nixon, who followed Johnson into office wore a Vulcain Cricket watch he gifted by the brand while Vice President under Eisenhower. Gerald R. Ford, the nation’s 38th President helped make the Pulsar Digital watch popular when he wore it in 1974. In fact, Jewelry stores were featuring pictures of Ford wearing the watch in their holiday windows during the 1974 Christmas season.

Ronald Reagan was also an admirer of Rolex watches and was seen sporting a Rolex Date-Just on a Jubilee bracelet her the two terms of his presidency from 1981-1989.

There are many prestigious Rolex timepieces to discover at luxury online retailer, including the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date  Watch in 18K yellow gold. This outstanding men’s Swiss-made automatic watch features highly prized chronometer certification by the COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Test Institute).

The handsome Tonneau shaped case in brushed and polished 18K yellow gold is presented on the triple-link President bracelet in 18K gold. The signature fluted bezel encircles the yellow gold colored dial with baton hands and hour markers. Features include an automatic date calendar and sapphire crystal above the dial.

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Timely Presidential Accomplishments

It’s President’s Day weekend and there is no better time than right now to discuss the timely accomplishments of past and present leaders of our nation. When it comes to time, Presidents from Dwight Eisenhower to Barack Obama have been known to sport prestigious timepieces from Rolex to TAG Heuer respectively on their wrists.

Eisenhower was the first US President to wear a Rolex watch and was followed by Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan. Eisenhower was also seen wearing a Heuer chronograph watch during his tenure as President and also wore a Hamilton watch as well.

Interestingly, John F. Kennedy received a Rolex from film legend Marilyn Monroe in 1962, but never wore the watch. Kennedy instead wore an American-made Bulova watch, as well as a Cartier strap watch.

VULCAIN-210550.280LBK (1)Kennedy’s successor Johnson was also an admirer of Bulova and chose Accutron by Bulova watches as the official gifts of state during his presidency.

President Richard Nixon is known to have worn a Vulcain Swiss-made Cricket watch which featured a built-in alarm function. Nixon received the watch from Vulcain to commemorate his Preisdency. All presidents from Harry Truman to Obama have all received timepieces from Vulcain to commemorate their presidency.

You’ll find many prominent timepieces from today’s most prestigious watchmakers at luxury retailer during the site’s President’s Day Event. Over 675 men’s and women’s watches from Breitling, Corum, Maurice Lacroix, Clerc, Perrelet, Invicta, U-Boat, Bell & Ross, Raymond Weil, TAG Heuer, Luminox and Vulcain are featured in the four day event

You will certainly be able to display your executive style with a Vulcain Cricket automatic alarm timepiece in 18K rose gold. This impeccably crafted timepiece features a highly polished rose gold case and a handsome black alligator strap with a deployment clasp. The skeleton crystal caseback lets you see the intricate Swiss-made automatic movement inside.

The striking black dial shines with gold colored hands, a white Alarm hand, Arabic and baton hour markers. A window above the six o’clock hour reveals the automatic date calendar.

Features include an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and water resistance to 50 meters or 165 feet.

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Time-Honored Watch Classics

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated this week in all fifty states across the nation. The holiday is relatively a new one and was signed into office in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan. It became an official holiday in all states throughout the nation in 2000.

A great deal of attention has also been paid to Dr. King this week with the national release of the film “Selma,” based on his peaceful, non-violent crusade for equal voting rights in Selma, Alabama during 1965. The film concludes with President Lyndon Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, a significant victory for the Civil Rights movement at the time.

The film, a critically acclaimed achievement for director Ava DuVernay was nominated for Best Picture by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences last week, yet failed to garner any other nominations outside of Best Original Song category.  This created a media frenzy for the past couple of days regarding the lack of nominations for DuVernay, as well as actors David Oyeowo and Tom Wilkinson, who played King and Johnson respectively, as well as other technical categories.VULCAIN-210150.277LFBNC

In addition to the film’s fine performances and direction, costume designer Ruth E Carter brilliantly recreates the apparel and accessories of the era down to the Rolex and Vulcain timepieces featured on the wrists of Oyeowo and Wilkinson.

Oyeowo is seen throughout “Selma” wearing a yellow gold Rolex Datejust wristwatch, authentic to period detail, while Wilkinson is seen with a Vulcain automatic strap watch on his wrist. In fact every, US President since Harry Truman to Barack Obama has received a Vulcain timepiece from the Swiss manufacturer to commemorate their presidency.

You’ll find several of this prestigious watchmaker’s timepieces at luxury online retailer, including the Vulcain Cricket Automatic men’s watch with a built-in alarm function.  Impressive in design and stature, this classically elegant timepiece has a premium grade stainless steel case and brown alligator strap with a deployment clasp.

An exhibition skeleton caseback lets you see the intricate Swiss-made automatic movement inside. The stationary polished steel bezel encircles the brown metallic dial with polished silver-tone hands, Arabic quarter hour markers and baton markers. A window at the 6 o’clock hour reveals the automatic date calendar.

Features include an anti-reflective sapphire crystal above the dial and water resistance to 50 meters. Automatic timepiece is 42mm in diameter and 15mm thick.

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Being At The Right Time And Place!

Being at the right time and place is everything when you want to make it the fashion, apparel and watch industry. Getting an endorsement from a well-known public figure is always beneficial. Numerous fashion and accessory designers owe some of their widespread popularity to a celebrity or prominent public figure wearing their item in public.

In 1983, Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses enjoyed a major resurgence in popularity when Tom Cruise wore a pair in the film Risky Business. Meanwhile, The TAG Heuer Kirium watch became extremely popular in 1997, after Cruise was spotted wearing one in the film Jerry Maguire.

Breitling wristwatches also grew in popularity in the 1990s, after being spotted on the wrist of popular comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who wore one each week on his highly-rated television series.

JORGGRAY-JG9400-11More recently, American watchmaker Jorg Gray catapulted into the public eye when President Barack Obama was seen wearing the 6500 Chronograph, during his political ascendance in 2008. The watch, a birthday present from his Secret Service security detail in 2007, was seen on Obama’s wrist throughout has 2008 campaign and appeared in many photographs and magazine covers.

Founded in 1998, Jorg Gray originally started as a private label watch company. Shortly after Obama’s inauguration in 2009, the brand launched an e-tail site called and entered the global watch market that same year with appearances at the Baselworld Watch show in Switzerland.

Jorg Gray’s well-crafted, handsomely appointed collections have caught the eye of many in the past six years and have led to its worldwide popularity. You’ll find a wide variety of Jorg Gray wristwatches at  online retailer The Watchery.

The Jorg Gray 9400 Chronograph is one of the brands’ outstanding timepieces featured on the site. This high-performance men’s watch has a generously proportioned stainless steel case and genuine black leather strap with contrasting white stitched detail.

The brushed steel bezel surrounds the striking textured  dial with three subdials, an automatic date calendar, luminous sword hands and outlined hour markers.

Swiss-made quartz movement inside provides time-keeping accuracy. Features include a screw-down crown and caseback for water resistance to 100 meters or 330 feet. Watch is 45mm in diameter and 15mm thick.

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Presidential Style

Timing is everything for today’s top executives and especially for our nation’s executives in chief. President’s Day is this Monday February 17… and as we honor our nation’s past and present leaders, we can also reflect on the noteworthy timepieces they have worn while in office.

President Barrack Obama currently sports a limited-edition Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph. The watch was a birthday present from his Secret Service security detail in 2007 and it has catapulted the American-owned brand into the public eye.

Both of Obama’s predecessors George W Bush and Bill Clinton were fans of Timex watches. Bush wore a Timex i-Control Alarm watch during his presidency, while Clinton sported a Timex Ironman watch during his time in office.

President John Kennedy wore both an Omega Ultra-Thin timepiece and Cartier Tank watch while in office in the early 1960s and received a gold Rolex Presidential watch from actress Marilyn Monroe in 1962.  To avoid any scandal, Kennedy gave the Rolex timepiece to an aide. The watch was inscribed on the caseback  “Jack, With love as always, from Marilyn.”VULCAIN-210550.280LBK

President George H Bush is legendary not for the timepiece he wore, but for looking at his watch two times, during one of the three televised Presidential debates in 1992. Many consider this one of the reasons Bush lost the election that year. The watch he was wearing at the time was a Vulcain Cricket gold timepiece with a built-in alarm.

Each and every US President since Harry Truman has been presented with a Vulcain Cricket wristwatch from the renowned Swiss watchmaker with the President’s signature inscribed on the dial and engraved on the case back.

Luxury watch retailer The Watchery features several Vulcain Cricket watches in their prestigious assortment of men’s and ladies’ timepieces, as well as other distinguished selections from Jorg Grey, Breitling, TAG Heuer and Cartier.

The Vulcain Cricket Automatic watch in 18K Rose Gold is certain to impress. The handsome 18K rose gold case is highly polished to a mirror-bright patina. The distinguished case is presented on a handsome black alligator strap with a matching 18K rose gold buckle. The skeleton crystal case back lets you see the intricate mechanical movement inside.

The striking black dial is accented with rose gold colored hands and hour markers. A window at the 6 o’clock hour reveals the automatic date calendar. Watch features precise Swiss-made automatic movement and water resistance to 50 meters. Timepiece is 42mm in diameter and 15mm thick.

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