Chopard A Watch Prodigy

While he started the company at 24, Chopard managed to enjoy the fruits of his labors into later life.

I am 29 years old and sometimes I feel as though I have accomplished nothing. Sure I’ve got a job and a college degree, not to mention a few high end watches but honestly in decades and centuries past I would have accomplished so much more by now. Take for example the Chopard watch that has become a valuable part of my collection in recent months. When I look at this gorgeous watch I am almost instantly reminded that way back in 1860 Louise-Ulysse Chopard founded the Chopard luxury watch, jewelry and accessory company at the age of 24. I could barely run my mouth at 24 let alone a successful company.

Obviously the original Chopard has long passed on, but that he built such a respected company that would be able to so easily withstand the test of time is just stunning. The company was founded on the principal of trying to find new ways to innovate the watche industry. The time period of course that this company springs from was a time of huge growth in the production of watches, particularly in Switzerland where Chopard originates. Unofficially some might call the late 1800’s a golden age in Swiss watch production. A golden age that a 24 year old was able to partake and partially fuel.

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