Colorful Men’s Watches

All too often the stylistic constraints of masculinity mean not enough color. They prefer plain style that lacks inventiveness and prides tradition over anything resembling forward thinking. It is a shame that men often feel tied to these traditional styles of dress even as many designers have attempted to drag male fashion into something like a bright new future.

When it comes to watches that traditionalism is being challenged by some of the biggest brands in the industry. Invicta mens watches for example have expanded their styles and their color patterns to include a wide array of exciting new designs. The one pictured is just one example but it is a stellar one. The bright red intricately designed face and the orange band make this a watch unlike any other and it is just the one of the designs Invicta mens watches are changing the market with.

A quick look around The Watchery’s website will reveal a ton of new designs and adventurous color choices making men’s luxury watches more than just the traditional silver, gold and leather. It is a great way to begin some stylistic reinvention while still maintaining some high brow cachet. Wearing watches is a great way to express your personal style, whatever that may be.

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