Concord Watches and Their History

Concord watches are pretty fine looking timepieces. They have a very modern flair, mixing conventional and stylish together to become some lovely keepsakes for both men and women. Concord is actually a part of the Movado group of watches, but has a history in itself.

It was founded in 1908 in Switzerland, making it a true Swiss watch company.  They have the distinction of being one of the first private label luxury watch companies to incorporate gems and precious metals, like diamond and platinum, into their watches. In 1979 they also created, at the time, the world’s thinnest watch, the Delirium watch.

Today their designs range from elegant to sporty, with great styles that are also extremely functional. Their the kind of watch you can wear to a business meeting and still have on when you just go hang out with the guys. For women they have models with diamond dials and mother of pearl cases, so they can really show everyone your sense of high fashion and luxury.

Concord watches are the kind that you know have a long history, so you’ll be showing off a timeless piece when you wear one on your wrist.

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