Diving Watches Survive The Rain

A heavy rain fall can literally and figuratively put a damper on a day. I have personally lost headphones to the downpour more than once. I’ve flooded the internal wiring of cellphones. I have ruined sneakers and more than once I have lost beloved men’s watches I had hoped to have for a lifetime.

It is for this reason that I have made the decision to switch to diving watches permanently. The strength of a diving watch is that it can be pummeled with quite a lot of rain before it gets mucked up and stops working. This is good because I can not predict the weather and I enjoy walking places. A diver watch can not only survive a torrential downpour it can literally be submerged into a body of water without immediately being damaged. While you may like whatever model of watch you have settled I would imagine it will not be surviving monsoon season unless you are very careful about when and where you choose to strap it on.

For me, I do not want to have to consult with the Weather Channel every time I would like to accessorize my outfits. As for diver’s headphones? I imagine someone is working on them.

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