Do Buddhists Need to Wear Watches?

IWCAlthough I don’t consider myself a Buddhist, I know quite a lot about their philosophy and their beliefs about time. Time is somewhat important to the nature of existence. Or rather, it’s more like the lack of time itself that is at the core. Buddhists don’t view time in the way that other cultures and religions do. They believe only in the here and now. There is no past, there is no future. You are living moment to moment. This is known as the nature of impermanence. It states that everything is in a constant state of flux, of motion. This flows nicely into the belief of rebirth. And therefore, not even death itself is real. There is no beginning and there is no end.

So if you’re constantly living in the moment do you really need an IWC watch? Despite philosophical beliefs, I do think even the most devout follower would still own a watch. How else would you know what time to meet your friend for afternoon tea?! You can still live moment to moment, but at least you won’t be late for work or miss dinner with your wife. Time is just a way to make life easier and you might as well do it in style with a Concord watch!

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