Does A Chopard Change Your Life?

This blogger was recently reading articles and posts on different luxury watches, when he stumbled across an article by Georgia Henderson entitled “What Wearing a Chopard on Your Wrist Will Do to Your World.”

Now, this seemed borderline ludicrious. After all, we like Chopard watches as much as the next timepiece enthusiast, but to suggest they would change your world? Come on…

Henderson seemed to understand those feelings, opening with “It may sound slightly manic and a little mad to insist that wearing one of the world class Chopard Watches on a person’s wrist will change their world,” and, well, yeah, it was.

To quote the article directly, the individuals who wear Chopard timepieces “are the people who truly have places to go and people to meet.”

“There are the valiant few who refuse to be shackled with sad plebeian timepieces. There are those whose tastes and talents deserve the very best in luxury watches. Their hearts clamor for Chopard Watches, and for nothing less. These are the people who are on a party guest list to insure its success. These are the people who need to be seen eating at a new bistro or sipping at a new lounge to make those places the Places to Be. They are, as a certain Mr Shakespeare described, the makers of manners.”

Now, as I previously mentioned, we enjoy Chopard watches and their original designs as much as the next guy. And we will agree that donning a magnificent eye-catching luxury watch can do wonders for an individuals self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.

But to suggest a Chopard will change your life, or that it could change your view on life more than any other watch brand, like an A. Lange & Sohne or a Baume and Mercier, is bordering on the delusional.

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