Ebel Is A Refined Watch Company

Some high end watch companies specialize in glam rock watches. Time pieces that are flashy and loud and shout out their value with diamonds and thick elaborate bands. Other luxury watch brands take the more subtle approach. They pack in the same amount of value and craft but do it subtler ways. They etch classic looking watch faces and classic but always beautifully designed watch bands.

Ebel is definitely in the later category. The company, founded in 1911 in  Neuchâtel, Switzerland, has always prided it’s self on innovation in design. The results have been nothing less than one of the most elegant and exclusive lines of watches in the competitive industry. These are the kinds of watches worn by folks who do not need to tout their wealth in so many words. Folks who command a room without the volume of their voice but instead with the focus and respectability of their reputation.

That sort of focus and respectability of reputation is also something that Ebel prides it’s self on as a company. As the manufacturer of high end watches you have to find a niche and hang your hat on something. For the folks at Ebel that is refinement and class.

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