Essential Tips for Storing Luxury Watches

bracelet watchesFor those of us with a taste for the finer watches in life, we know that security and style go hand in hand so ensuring luxury watches are safely stored at home is imperative. Unsure how to go about sourcing a storage method that keeps your favorite brand name watches safe but also shows them off to full effect? Check out our top suggestions below:

Opt for a standard watch box. Since storing watches each in their own original boxes can be untidy and too space-consuming, a watch box offers a simple means of storing each piece of your collection together in one place.

Consider a safe for optimal security. If some of your watches cost more than your car, then it’s advisable you make sure they’re out of sight and under tight lock and key. This is especially true for styles studded with diamonds or made with gold. A quality safe is an essential accessory for a highly valuable watch.

Make-over a humidor. Especially useful for those with a collection of vintage watches, a humidor is the perfect environment for watches that need to be hidden away from moist air and dust. The constancy of temperature and humidity provided by a humidor is ideal for such watches.

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