Exceptional Diamond Watches for Men

diamond watchesFrom major film femmes (Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor) to pop starlets (Madonna, Rihanna), the diamond has captured the attention and affections of women the world over. But, did you know there are plenty of diamond watches for men?

Our extensive selection includes exquisite diamond timepieces for men from storied brands such as Elini Barokas, Bulova and Invicta. Consider this extraordinary piece of craftsmanship from Elini Barokas for example. Featuring a gold lame leather strap, chronograph movement and a sleek polycarbonate case, this timepiece is dramatically accented by the addition of a bezel encrusted with an incredible 60 white diamonds.

Dubbed the ‘South Beach’ style, this luxury watch from Elini Barokas evokes the opulent and exciting glamour of its namesake. If you’re searching for a watch style that will last you through the coming Spring-Summer season and beyond, then this is likely your best bet.

Founded in 1989, Elini Barokas is one of the leading names in fashionable gold and diamond jewelry. With an unerring dedication to innovation, the brand has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the chief names in luxury watch-making.

Although valued at $1,399, this item is currently retailing for just $599. Buy it now, and secure timeless style for less!

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