Featured Deals From The Watchery

Ever heard of a surprise sale? You know, when a company seemingly-randomly reveals they are putting a plethora of items on sale, with no warning whatsoever?

Well what’s the fun in that?

At The Watchery, they offer a featured deal on a specific timepiece. This Monday, the featured item was the Eterna Soleure Men’s Watch, being offered at 70% off the original retail prices. But the deal only lasts for a very limited time (a countdown clock to the end of the deal is actually present on the front of The Watchery website), then a new item is offered.

But here’s the best part: The Watchery actually shows ALL of their upcoming deals as well, meaning there are no surprises as to which watch will be offered at a “deal price” next. For example, later this week the featured deal item will be the C1 Chrono Orange Dial Automatic Watch.

Concord watches are one-of-a-kind sophisticated creations full of technical complication that is truly unmatchabale. And the C1 Chrono Orange Dial Automatic Watch is no exception. And once the Concord C1 Chrono Orange Dial Automatic Watch goes on sale on December 24th, it’ll be available through The Watchery for 40% off the retail price. That’s savings of nearly five-THOUSAND dollars.

So check out The Watchery’s featured deal, and be sure to check out the upcoming deals. Because with savings this good, who needs to be surprised?

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