Graduate To A New Level Of Luxury Watch

watchesThe procedures and traditions surrounding academic graduation ceremonies differ around the world. Singing has a large part in the Japanese schools curriculum and is also a big part of their graduation ceremonies. The first song is Japan’s national anthem, followed by the city song and the school song. At this point, or after diplomas, the lower class sings to the graduating class, and the graduating class to the lower class. Member institutions of the University of Wales hold their graduation ceremonies almost entirely in the Welsh language, and some of the older universities in the United Kingdom may hold their graduation ceremonies in Latin, even though few students understand this language.

Traditions may vary, but elegance is pretty constant. In 1911, Eugene Blum took his initials and his wife’s family name, Levy, to coin “Eugene Blum Et Levy” – EBEL. In 1914, just three years after its formation, the brand won a coveted gold medal at the Swiss National Exhibition. The family company has been successfully producing sought-after watches ever since. This Ebel men’s Classic with silver dial and black leather strap is the perfect gift for any graduate, and now available from The Watchery at a huge discount. Check out all our deals on luxury watches today at!

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