Impeccable Meccaniche Veloci Watches

watchesIt’s good to be the king of watches. The chronograph was invented, was to please King Louis XVIII of France in 1821. The King greatly enjoyed watching horse races, but wanted to know exactly how long each race lasted, so an eminent watchmaker, Nicolas Rieussec, was hired to invent a contraption that would do the job. He created the first ever commercialized chronograph, a stopwatch combined with a display watch. Chronographs, adopted for strategic and scientific uses over time, have since found their way into the world of luxury watches, and we here at The Watchery certainly have many fine examples of chronographs among our brand name watches.

Here is a special one we have not yet covered on the blog. Meccaniche Veloci is an Italian creative time lab that has managed to successfully combine motor engineering with the highest quality watch craftsmanship since 2006. Funneling all of the adrenaline of high speed sports into the elegance of wristwatches, that stand out for their state of the art design, as well as their strong sports and technological imprinting. This men’s Cordura chronograph with automatic movement, military green dial, black IP case, and green camouflage strap is one of our featured sales today, discounted by a full 75%!

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