New Deals On Swiss Army Watches

watchesPortable watches have come a long way. Perhaps the earliest portable time-telling device, often referred to as an Egyptian shadow clock, became popular around 1500 B.C. T-shaped or L-shaped with a raised end bar, these shado­w clocks measured the morning hours as the sun swept overhead. Then, they were turned around to count down the afternoon. Wristwatches were available in the late 19th century, but were called wrislets and widely viewed with disdain by serious watchmakers as a feminine fad. Real men wore pocket-watches.

The first series of purpose-made wrist watches was produced by Girard-Perregaux in 1880 for the German Navy. During World War I numerous companies carried right here at The Watchery, including Longines, and others produced wrist watches, called trench watches, for the military. These watches were of virtually identical style with an enamel dial, wide white numerals, and a luminescent hour hand. The decidedly not macho term wristlet persisted well into the 1930s, at which point the modern term wristwatch took over.

This Swiss Army women’s Officer’s Watch, with black dial and stainless steel strap is heir to both the wristwatch’s feminine and military tradition. It is a perfect timepiece for everyday wear regardless of where you are. It provides a dressy look with a sporty feel. You can check out all our brand name watches today at!

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