Seiko Watches Are Sharp And Versatile

Over the last few weeks we have spent a lot of time talking about inventive watch designs and ways that brand name timepieces can become more modern without losing some of that classy oomph we have come to expect from these pricey purchases.

Why stop now? It is easy to keep talking about these sharp looking new watch designs especially when companies like Seiko are doing great work like the watch pictured in this week’s blog post. The interesting curvature of the casing is a great look and the silver and stainless steel veneer is great for any and all fashion choices. The face itself has a great feature with a ticking dial dedicated to the day of the week. Perhaps less practical than just sort of cool looking, it might come in handy on those Thursdays where you wake up feeling like it is Friday.

Seiko watches have a great reputation and their watches bare this out, not simply in design but also in functionality and durability. The Seiko Kinetic is a great choice for people looking for a versatile and good looking watch at a price point well below that of a new car. These watches are just right for anybody on any occasion.

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