Swiss Military Calibre Watches Perform In Any Environment

watchesWe have talked more than once on this blog about Swiss Legend watches and extolled their unique heritage and technical virtues. But perhaps you are looking for something just a tad more exacting, built for function and endurance over pleasing aesthetics. Enter Swiss Military Caliber watches. These are built with all the timekeeping precision that all Swiss movements are famous for, and with the additional hardiness to meet the toughest Alpine conditions.

Now, the words “Swiss” and “military” may seem odd together considering Switzerland’s reputation for neutrality. Only about 5% of the country’s land and air forces are professional soldiers. The rest are ordinary citizens, who are compulsorily enlisted in the country’s militia system. These citizen soldiers keep all their personal equipment, including weapons, with them at home. This requirement has resulted in the popularity of military-grade gear, including high-performance watches as well as the world-renowned ‘Swiss army knife.’

This Swiss Military Calibre Men’s Revolution watch with black dial, including large, readable numbers to help ease timekeeping while hiking or engaging in other outdoor pursuits where visibility may change, as well as a comfortable and functional black rubber is brand new and available for’s signature free shipping. Come check out all our high-functioning and designer watches online today!

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