Swiss Watches, The Standard

What exactly is “Swiss precision?” It is a phrase you hear thrown around about dozens of products and yet it is almost solely derived from the precise time keeping of Swiss watches. This is because Switzerland is the standard in watch manufacturing and in many ways used that reputation to build a consensus that Swiss engineers were some of the best and most innovative in the world.

Even a cursory knowledge of the history of brand name watches will reveal this perception to be one hundred percent valid. The Swiss have spent time in the intervening century or so since they became the standard in engineering to take that sense and apply it to everything from pop-songs to automobile manufacturing. They have woven intricate ideas about how things work and the parts of those things collaborate to make some fantastic and practical leaps in the evolution of machinery and more.

Brand name watches, of course, still remain the Swiss people’s most note worthy export. This is likely because, ironically, their work in this field remains so timeless and continues to be the standard in the industry. If you are an enthusiastic collector or admirer of watches, it is likely you have a love affair with the Swiss.

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