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Go Global With Gucci Watches

luxury watches for men

Gucci is one of the most recognized (and copied) brands all over the world. Now an international superpower in luxury clothing and accessories, Gucci had its humble origins in Florence in 1921. Its founder, Guccio Gucci, had worked at luxury hotels in Paris and London where he noticed the exquisite craftsmanship of the luggage belonging to the hotels’ wealthy guests. With this idea in mind, he went back to his hometown, Florence, where there were plenty of skilled workers to realize his vision. With three of his sons, Gucci expanded his business with stores in Milan and Roman. In 1953, an office in New York City was opened.

Even all these years later, the Gucci is brand is known for its high quality products, from clothing to bags to watches. This week, The Watchery has a special deal on one of our Gucci watches for men. Gucci’s YA101341 has a stainless steel case and bracelet, and Swiss quartz movement. Right now you’ll find it for just $939.00 on our website, down 49% from a list price of $1,850!

For more amazing deals on brand name watches for men and women from world-renowned brands like Gucci, be sure to check out our collection at TheWatchery.com as well as our special weekly deals.



Spotlight on Momo Design

men's watchesHere at The Watchery, not only do we offer the world’s best known brand name watches, we also take the time to discover some under the radar brands making quality pieces that don’t always get the attention they deserve.

Introducing Momo Design. Founded in 1981, this label emerged from an existing luxury car accessories brand which was initially established in 1964 by racer Giampiero Moretti. Its heritage is deeply rooted in racing, particularly F1 and Ferrari, which is easily seen in the sporty aesthetic of its impressive men’s watches. Now, Momo Design produces an extensive array of quality goods including bags, footwear, helmets, eyewear and pens.

Here are our top three Momo Design styles you won’t want to miss:

The MD088 (pictured) is a best-seller and it’s hardly difficult to see why. Crafted from titanium and rubber, this practical accessory is currently retailing for $1,799.99, offering customers a considerable savings of 72%.

With a dynamic watch-face dominated by an intricate display of indices and markers, the MD276 is a knock-out. Priced at just $2,050.50, reduced from $5,995, shoppers can secure an incredible savings of 66%.

The best option for those on a budget is the MD095, on sale now for just $678. Despite its discounted price, this timepiece boasts a similar style to its more expensive counterparts.

Smartwatch Ruled Not So Smart

men's watchesMany of us have since childhood harbored a secret desire to one day own a sci-fi-esque watch that boasts all kinds of tech capabilities, and tech powerhouse Sony last year attempted to answer the call with its Smartwatch.

The Smartwatch was intended as the amped up version of your average timepiece, offering many of the utilities of a smartphone. However, the reception was famously cold with reviews stating the concept was unimaginative and gimmicky, and that we’d all generally be much better off with a smartphone and conventional watch.

Undeterred by the bad reviews, Sony has now unveiled plans for the Smartwatch 2, a follow-up to last year’s model. Elsewhere, tech giants Google and Apple are also latching onto the idea with plans to release similar products in the works.

However, if you’re looking for a sleek, tech-chic watch but are happy to use your smartphone for Maps, calculators and other functions, then you’ll want to check out some of our brand name watches such as…

The Stuhrling 181CR.335971, which gives off a particularly hi-tech impression with its slick black and neon green color palette, as well as its striking dynamic face. It’s not often you’ll find luxury watches such as this discounted by a considerable 61% so get it now for just $377.99!

Powerfully Popular G-Shock Watches

For the last 25 years, Casio’s G-Shock Men’s Watches have been the definition of tough. Designed for sports and outdoor activity, they have become a favorite of both athletes and the military. Named for their ability to live a life of hard knocks and vibrations, the watches  always come with a stopwatch, countdown, timer, and significant water resistance. Besides the utility, these brand name watches have become a must-have accessory in urban style.

In recent years you can see the G-Shock’s influence through the partnerships they have made. Popular skate and urban brands like A Bathing Ape, Stussy, and Lifted Research Group have all worked together to make collaboration models with the sought-after design.

Kanye West Bape G-Shock Mens WatchIn addition to the brands, hip hop and R&B artists have been spotted time and again wearing the classic watch. Entertainers such as Usher, Wiz Khalifa, and even rap’s self-proclaimed king of fashion, Kanye West, are on the long list of the G-Shock’s fans.

So the watch has history, high-fashion credibility, and is tough enough for America’s toughest men and women in the Armed Forces. What more could you want? How about affordability? Our 30% discount off list price makes this one of our best deals on discount watches. Get yours today!

New Arrivals from August Steiner

men's watchesTGIF – now that the working week’s over and done with, why not start the weekend with a little retail therapy?

Here at The Watchery we’re excited to introduce several new styles from luxury watches brand, August Steiner. Featuring formal and casual styles for both women and men, this new collection of brand name watches offers something for every taste.

Here are some of our top picks:

The AS8062YG juxtaposes a 70s-esque tortoise look with a sportier structure for an eye-catching effect. Pairing well with maxi dresses and sandals, this is a watch ideal for the modern-day Faye Dunaway.

Available now just for $80.99, reduced from $395.

For guys looking for an easy way to incorporate naval style into their summer look, the AS8061BU comes highly recommended. Its blue-and-yellow striped canvas strap is right on trend with the nautical trend currently dominating men’s fashion and accessories.

Retailing now for $46.99, customers can take advantage of a savings of an impressive 76%.

A more avant-garde style is available in the form of the men’s AS8057BR. Featuring a silver sunray dial with inner etched pattern and gold-tone luminous hour markers, this unconventional timepiece is well-suited to those who like to buck the trend and shake up the aesthetic status quo.

On sale now for $80.99, discounted from $395.

Essential Tips for Storing Luxury Watches

bracelet watchesFor those of us with a taste for the finer watches in life, we know that security and style go hand in hand so ensuring luxury watches are safely stored at home is imperative. Unsure how to go about sourcing a storage method that keeps your favorite brand name watches safe but also shows them off to full effect? Check out our top suggestions below:

Opt for a standard watch box. Since storing watches each in their own original boxes can be untidy and too space-consuming, a watch box offers a simple means of storing each piece of your collection together in one place.

Consider a safe for optimal security. If some of your watches cost more than your car, then it’s advisable you make sure they’re out of sight and under tight lock and key. This is especially true for styles studded with diamonds or made with gold. A quality safe is an essential accessory for a highly valuable watch.

Make-over a humidor. Especially useful for those with a collection of vintage watches, a humidor is the perfect environment for watches that need to be hidden away from moist air and dust. The constancy of temperature and humidity provided by a humidor is ideal for such watches.

Our Top 3 Beach-ready Brand Name Watches

big watchesSummertime opens up a whole range of possibilities with regard to enjoying ourselves outdoors. Whether dining al fresco, strolling through a sun-drenched park, lounging by the pool or spending a day by the seaside, summer offers plenty of potential for fun.

Below, we round up our top 3 beach-ready brand name watches from Ebel to Michael Kors:

For men, the Ebel Classic Sport watch, fuses the functional framework of a sports watch with the refinement of a dressier style. Its sand-colored rubber strap means it both looks the part and offers a resilience superior to many other watches. Water resistant up to 165 feet, wearers need not worry about taking this timepiece for a splash. On sale now for $1,537.99, this model is reduced from $2,300.

For those on a budget, the black textured dial black ion-plated stainless steel style from Lancaster’s collection of men’s watches may be more suitable.

The optimal seaside style for women, the Michael Kors brown dial two-tone timepiece mixes sturdy stainless steel with a luxurious palette of elegant tortoise and zesty orange. Wearers can easily take a dip without worrying about watch malfunction due to this model’s water resistance up to 330 feet. Priced at just $227.99, inimitable 1970s style is easily achieved with this item.

Magnificent Movado Luxury Watches

movado women's watchWhen deciding on brand name watches it can be hard to pick a price range, designer and style. One great gift option for an important person in your life (maybe yourself!) is a brand new Movado.

Movado, which is Esperanto for “always in motion”, is a Swiss luxury watch company that have been making elegant, modern watches since 1881. Iconic for it’s Museum Watch, the design is a single dot on an otherwise blank canvas symbolizing the sun at high noon with the hands representing the earth’s movement. While they make a large variety of styles with differing materials, bands, and faces, the general symbolism is their trademark look.

The style is timeless and has often been associated with celebrity and other high-society trend setters making this gift appropriate for the college graduate as well as the fashionista in your life. A Movado men’s or women’s watch certainly makes a statement and can be both subtle and bold at the same time due to its unique design.

Make sure you take advantage of all our amazing discounts on Movado watches this month in a huge sale  covering enough styles that there is certainly one that is perfect for that special person in your life, even if that person is you!

Graduate To A New Level Of Luxury Watch

watchesThe procedures and traditions surrounding academic graduation ceremonies differ around the world. Singing has a large part in the Japanese schools curriculum and is also a big part of their graduation ceremonies. The first song is Japan’s national anthem, followed by the city song and the school song. At this point, or after diplomas, the lower class sings to the graduating class, and the graduating class to the lower class. Member institutions of the University of Wales hold their graduation ceremonies almost entirely in the Welsh language, and some of the older universities in the United Kingdom may hold their graduation ceremonies in Latin, even though few students understand this language.

Traditions may vary, but elegance is pretty constant. In 1911, Eugene Blum took his initials and his wife’s family name, Levy, to coin “Eugene Blum Et Levy” – EBEL. In 1914, just three years after its formation, the brand won a coveted gold medal at the Swiss National Exhibition. The family company has been successfully producing sought-after watches ever since. This Ebel men’s Classic with silver dial and black leather strap is the perfect gift for any graduate, and now available from The Watchery at a huge discount. Check out all our deals on luxury watches today at TheWatchery.com!

Glory Be To Glorious Jacques Lemans Women’s Watches

watchesThe Watchery has a huge collection of brand name watches, and today we are going to look at one in particular, the sleek, sophisticated style of Jacques Lemans dress watches.

The company was founded in 1975 by Alfred and Norbert Riedl and ever since, Jacques Lemans has been looking back at a unique success story. Headquartered in St.Veit an der Glan/Carinthia, the Austrian company is represented in more than 120 countries. Due to having its own subsidiary in Germany and production plants in Switzerland and Hong Kong, Jacques Lemans over the years developed in the internationally most important watch markets.  In 2009 a Jacques Lemans made headlines as the company won the match for the licence of the UEFA Champions League – one of the strongest brands in the international world of sports. With its UEFA Champions League collection, Jacques Lemans confirmed its leading position in design and marketing of high quality sport watches.

But sport is not the only style of watches that they have to offer. Check out this women’s Geneve/Baca watch with stunning black dial and gold ion plated, stainless steel case. It is a modern design and a classy style fuse into one to form the Jacques Lemans. This timepiece will accentuate your style and add distinction to your wardrobe. Check out all of our fabulous designer watches online today at TheWatchery.com!