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A Rough Guide to Watch-buying

women's watchesDespite the seriously deep discounts we offer on all of our brand name watches, we acknowledge that purchasing luxury watches is almost invariably a matter of investment. We understand that few have money to simply throw around on thoughtless purchases, so we’ve decided to offer a brief guide to finding the right watch for you when shopping:

Always consider price: Bear your budget in mind. There are watches available for pocket money, but then certain timepieces run into the millions. Make sure you know you’re getting value for money before you commit to purchase.

Do brand research: Learn more about watch manufacturers before making your decision. There is a wealth of information available online which can aid in informing you of particular brands’ strengths or weaknesses.

Size it right: Generally, if you are of a larger stature, it’s recommended you opt for watches with large faces. Those of a smaller stature will want to opt for watch faces a little smaller to avoid bad fits.

Weighing up the benefits of water-resistance: Those who plan on wearing their watches during workouts or rainstorms will want to opt for water-resistant timepieces.

Style of strap: Leather straps look luxurious but wear easier than, for example, stainless steel. Choose a strap that’s right for you and your lifestyle.