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watchesThe company was founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard at the age of 24. Since the riotous South by Southwest film and music festival is getting underway in Austin this weekend, cinephiles and culture mavens alike are heading down to Texas. But for the rest of us who cannot make a run for the border, some small compensation might be found in owning a little piece of film history: among The Watchery’s new arrivals are some fantastic, discounted Chopard watches.

The partnership between Chopard and the Cannes Film Festival started in 1998 when the team of Chopard master craftsmen redesigned the film festival’s award – The Golden Palm award. The Palme d’Or redesigned by Chopard was unveiled on May 24, 1998. Chopard has served as official partner of the Festival, and each year it creates new models and events to celebrate movies: jewelry sets for the legendary “mounting the steps” ritual, parties to honor films, and of course the Palme d’Or. Since 2001, the Chopard Trophy is awarded by a jury of professionals honoring two film “revelations.” This prize is awarded during the festival to two young actors as Male and Female Revelation of the Year.

Although it’s certainly no revelation to us, consider this Women’s Happy sport watch with diamond pave dial and genuine yellow crocodile leather strap. Count on Chopard for chic and stylish luxury watches, available for unbeatable prices at TheWatchery.com!


Chopard A Watch Prodigy

While he started the company at 24, Chopard managed to enjoy the fruits of his labors into later life.

I am 29 years old and sometimes I feel as though I have accomplished nothing. Sure I’ve got a job and a college degree, not to mention a few high end watches but honestly in decades and centuries past I would have accomplished so much more by now. Take for example the Chopard watch that has become a valuable part of my collection in recent months. When I look at this gorgeous watch I am almost instantly reminded that way back in 1860 Louise-Ulysse Chopard founded the Chopard luxury watch, jewelry and accessory company at the age of 24. I could barely run my mouth at 24 let alone a successful company.

Obviously the original Chopard has long passed on, but that he built such a respected company that would be able to so easily withstand the test of time is just stunning. The company was founded on the principal of trying to find new ways to innovate the watche industry. The time period of course that this company springs from was a time of huge growth in the production of watches, particularly in Switzerland where Chopard originates. Unofficially some might call the late 1800’s a golden age in Swiss watch production. A golden age that a 24 year old was able to partake and partially fuel.

Chopard Watches for the Guy Who Has Everything

Maybe you know this guy, you know, the one who has everything. He has all the latest in technology, from his iPad to his surround sound system in his living room. He has the nicest suits in every color. He’s got the latest model convertible. You really don’t know what to get him because it seems like he’d have the same thing, or an even better  version. But one thing he probably doesn’t have? Chopard watches.

Chopard watches are a real statement piece and unlike most other luxury watches they have large faces with complex designs and features, comfortable bands and are made out of the kind of material that will make the person sitting next to you say “Wow.” A Swiss based company, Chopard has been around since 1860. That’s a lot of years of watchmaking so they certainly know what they are doing.

So if you are trying to impress the guy who was everything, Chopard may be the way to go. Beautiful, luxurious and different, they’ll know you spared no expense to get them such a great looking timepiece. They’ll wear it with every color suit they have, that’s for sure.

The Watchery Got An A+ From The BBB

The hardest thing about buying a luxury timepiece is ensuring that it is in all actuality a luxury timepiece. Truly, it doesn’t matter if we’re talking Rolex, Chopard, Ebel, even Swatch for Kids… there is perhaps no product in the history of consumers that has more fake replicas than the watch business.

The internet, meanwhile, has been around long enough that we’re all well aware of the benefits to shopping online. But when it comes to something that has a strong history of being replicated and faked, online shoppers have a right to be cautious.

That’s why The Watchery takes such pride in all of their watches being 100% new. These authentic timepieces all have serial numbers, one of the biggest identifiers on a legitimate designer timepiece. But what’s more is that they are BBB Accredited.

When shopping for a timepiece online, being accredited by the Better Business Bureau provides customers with a peace of mind that is utterly underrated. BBB issues Reliability Reports on all businesses, whether or not they are BBB accredited.

The Watchery Corp., meanwhile, has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since June of 2007. And currently they have been rated as an A+.

In case you never went to grade school, we’ll let you know that there is no possible better ranking than an A+.

Does A Chopard Change Your Life?

This blogger was recently reading articles and posts on different luxury watches, when he stumbled across an article by Georgia Henderson entitled “What Wearing a Chopard on Your Wrist Will Do to Your World.”

Now, this seemed borderline ludicrious. After all, we like Chopard watches as much as the next timepiece enthusiast, but to suggest they would change your world? Come on…

Henderson seemed to understand those feelings, opening with “It may sound slightly manic and a little mad to insist that wearing one of the world class Chopard Watches on a person’s wrist will change their world,” and, well, yeah, it was.

To quote the article directly, the individuals who wear Chopard timepieces “are the people who truly have places to go and people to meet.”

“There are the valiant few who refuse to be shackled with sad plebeian timepieces. There are those whose tastes and talents deserve the very best in luxury watches. Their hearts clamor for Chopard Watches, and for nothing less. These are the people who are on a party guest list to insure its success. These are the people who need to be seen eating at a new bistro or sipping at a new lounge to make those places the Places to Be. They are, as a certain Mr Shakespeare described, the makers of manners.”

Now, as I previously mentioned, we enjoy Chopard watches and their original designs as much as the next guy. And we will agree that donning a magnificent eye-catching luxury watch can do wonders for an individuals self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.

But to suggest a Chopard will change your life, or that it could change your view on life more than any other watch brand, like an A. Lange & Sohne or a Baume and Mercier, is bordering on the delusional.

No-Hassle Returns Available From The Watchery

So the holidays are over, which means the only shopping-rush that remains is the hurried and futile attempts at returning those gifts you didn’t want. And I’m fairly certain that I’m not alone when I say, as frustrating as it is, most of those “return-trips” end in failure.

Unless, of course, those gifts were bought through The Watchery website. It’s irrelevant as to whether its Chopard, Ebel, or Baume: all timepieces purchased from Thewatchery.com (except special orders and items shipped outside of the United States) may be returned in their original condition for a FULL REFUND of the purchase price within 30days from the date of delivery.

So that sweater your Aunt Milldred made for you with the three-legged reindeer? Yeah, you’re probably stuck with that for awhile. And the water-resistant tape-player for the shower courtesy of Uncle Larry? They probably aren’t going to let you return that one without a receipt.

But the JeanRichard TV Screen Retrograde timepiece with polished stainless steel, brown leather bracelet, silver tones and grey textured center dial colors? Yes, TheWatchery.com will gladly allow you to return it.

And if they won’t, this writer would be more than happy to take it off your hands. And put it safely above mine.