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Affordable Cartier Designer Watches

Sporting a Cartier watch is a simple way to catch an eye. These stylish and legendary pieces are the perfect accessories to any outfit. Whether you’re going to work or going out for the night, wearing one of the beautiful Cartier luxury watches is a good wardrobe choice. Check out some examples below.

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Aviator Watches from Glycine

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A staple in Swiss watches, Glycine will be celebrating its 100th birthday next year! The watchmaker, founded by Eugene Meylan in 1914 in Bienne Switzerland, has gone through many trials to get to where it is today. The company started out with a boom due to Meylan’s emphasis on craftsmanship and quality. However, the depression in the 1930’s and World War II struck the company hard. It was able to persevere, even showing at the 1938 Basel Fair, which Glycine has participated in ever since. Their real success came in the 1950s with the Airman model for pilots.

The watch featured here is from the Airman 7 Plaza Mayor series, no. 3861-161. Like their other timepieces for pilots, this one has a 24-hour dial as well as a world time feature that allows you to see multiple time zones. Although this luxury watch is one of the classics in Glycine’s collection, it features completely updated technologies, including Swiss-made automatic movement. You’ll find this aviator watch at The Watchery for a discounted price of $2,327.50. That’s 71% off the listed price!

Visit TheWatchery.com for more luxury watches from Glycine. Other models from this brand are Incursore, Combat and Lagunare series.


Black and Gold: The Elegance of Jacques Lemans

discount luxury watchesSometimes class is key. In fact–most times, class is key. It doesn’t whether you’re a public speaker running the gala circuit, or a chef; a nice accessory is an emblem of your composure in any situation. It conveys your class to everyone around you–and we’re not talking about your paycheck. The affectation of neatness is what elicits trust; it shows that you’re capable of keeping your cool.

Certain color combinations are just classy by nature. There’s a reason for the term “black tie affair,” just like there’s a reason the Academy Award statuette is gold. Even if your everyday job doesn’t require a suit and tie every day, applying these universally accepted signifiers of class to your wardrobe will leave the same impression.

Jacques Lemans’ designer watches exemplify the classiness of black and gold. There’s a subtle grace about a black watch with a gold trim, and an impressive luxury about a gold watch with a black trim. With their simple, but well-defined designs, these watches leave an impression. Memorability is the hallmark of professionals; they are instrumental to their respective operations. Making an impression, by extension, is paramount to not only gaining respect, but keeping it, and encouraging the growth of fruitful professional relationships.

The Earthy Tones of Fossil Watches

watches for menFossil earns its name with its wide selection of earthy watches. As the story goes, the two founders, Tom and Kosta Kartsosis, named the company after their father, whom they referred to as an “old fossil.” Affectionate origins aside, many of Fossil’s watches evoke a railroad sensibility, hearkening back to a time when fossil fuels were a recent discovery. Because of this, many of them have a bit of a rugged association–perfect to complete a bartender’s outfit, at a trendy but intimate, hidden speakeasy.

Take a look at this men’s Ansel brown dial watch (FS4670, $125.99). Functional and efficient, but smart in its subversion of symmetry with Fossil’s signature crown and pusher placement (which is to say, the knobs on the side), this watch is perfect for a softly lit gastro pub. Fossil’s understated designs are perfect for the subtly fashionable.

Alternatively, Fossil’s white dial leather watch (JR1423, $118.99) brings Fossil’s classic build into a more eye-catching context with a stark white aesthetic sure to fit into a more a la mode outfit. Match with a white belt or shoes and primary colors for an outfit that pops, or let it stand out against a mostly dark outfit. Whatever your preference, Fossil watches are the mark of someone fashionably down-to-earth.


Designer Watches Over 80% Off!

At The Watchery, we have special deals on designer watches every week. Today we’re going to showcase watches for men and women that won’t break the bank. These watches are on sale for limited time only so make sure that you grab the deals quickly!watches for men

For the guys out there, we have this luxury watch (style 68130-33-11C-AA6D) with a black alligator strap from Jean Richard. This watch is a classic timepiece with a youthful and fun edge. It’s the perfect accessory for any occasion. Right now you’ll find it on sale for $2,597.00. That’s 83% off the listed price! If this is the watch for you, get it now because the sale ends today!

discount luxury watchesNow, for the ladies. The Watchery currently has a stunning watch with a dial covered in glimmering diamonds from Swiss Legend. The Women’s Karamica watch (style 20052-WWTR) can be dressed up for any occasion. It’s sale price is $649.00, which is 87% the listed price. Again, this sale price ends today so buy it now!

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Camouflage Designer Watches

Like other accessories, watch design has followed trends in fashion. Camouflage watches for menpatterns today are used in military uniforms and everyday fashion. The word camouflage comes from the French “camoufler,” meaning “to disguise.”

At The Watchery, one of our camouflage watches for men comes from luxury watchmaker Meccaniche Veloci. This watch features “beige/grey camouflage cordura with contrast stitching and beige lorica backing.” How did this pattern come to make a popular fashion statement?

Camouflage occurs naturally in nature, as a number of animals have the ability to resemble their backgrounds and create an illusion of concealment in protection against predators. In the 19th century, the military started creating uniforms that blended better with the environment as firearm technology improved in accuracy. Colors and patterns have varied depending on the terrain.

From World War I, camouflage started to influence fashion. While camouflage started as a trend in men’s fashion, its influence has spread to women’s fashion as well. Oftentimes, the fashion pieces rely more on a general pattern rather than the premise of camouflage, as camouflage patterns in, say, purple are not going to blend in with any conventional environment.

Come to TheWatchery.com to order Meccaniche Veloci’s camouflage watch for our low price of $1,139.00. That’s 65% off the list price! We have a number of other designer watches for women and men, so come take a look!

Dress Watches $400 Or Less

We love to talk about the latest in diamond watches or what celebrities have been spotted wearing, but we also know that most of us live in the ‘real world’ with budgets always in mind. In tribute to the 99%, we’ve talked it over and picked three designer watches no more than $400 that everyone agreed are great. Let’s get into it!

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  • Seiko Men’s Silver & Gold Tone Automatic – With our discount of 62% off, this stainless steel case with Quartz movement watch is both a classic design and a bargain.

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  • Red Line Men’s Stealth Chronograph – It’s no surprise this modern-looking wristwatch made the list as it has consistently been a best seller. A true steal at 82% off the list price, this blend of contemporary and classic adds depth to your wardrobe for a lot less than you would imagine.

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  • Michael Kors Women’s Chronograph – We couldn’t leave out the ladies, and this beautiful piece with a black dial is 25% off. It also includes free shipping! A  real no-brainer for an elegant accessory suited to a variety of occasions.


The fun doesn’t stop with just these three! Make sure you head over to TheWatchery.com for these, and many more, luxury discount watches!  You never know what you will find.

Dazzling New Deals on Diamond Watches

bracelet watchesAlthough they’re really a timeless year-round staple, diamond watches arguably look their best in the summer. With an abundance of sunlight available, these stones shine even brighter now than any other time of the year.

Offering a stunning look at an inexpensive pricepoint, the Bulova 98R98 from the Chrono Diamonds series is a glistening timepiece that’s sure to see you receive countless compliments. This is a richly detailed style and on sale now for $292.99, reduced from an original retail price of $550.

Fusing a digital-influenced dynamic edge and classic, storied design, the Chanel H1340-SD (pictured) offers a new interpretation of modern elegance. Reduced by 51%, customers can take advantage of a significant discount of $3,005 by purchasing this in-demand style now for just $2,895.

Our favorite for men on a budget is the Swiss Legend 10127-WSD-RA from the Commander Diamonds series. On sale for just $199.99, this luxurious masculine timepiece is available at an unbelievable 86% off its original retail price.

Extravagant and truly unforgettable, the Cartier WT100003 from the Tank Anglaise designer watches series is a testament to the label’s world-renowned reputation for excellence in accessories. Priced at $31,995, this 18-karat rose-gold style is well-suited to the debonair dandy who likes to flaunt his inimitable style. Available now at a fraction of its former retail price of $52,500.

Fashion-Forward Women’s Watches from Rochas

Rochas has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. The fashion-house, founded by Marcel Rochas in 1925, has been a continuous source the newest trends, with celebrity clients from Nicole Kidman to Kate Bosworth. As the first designer of skirts with pockets and two-third length coats, it’s no surprise to find that Rochas’s watches push the limits of style and design, too.

Here are three different designs for women’s watches from Rochas:womens watches

If you’re looking for an avant-garde, industrial look, then Style RH9052LWWI from Rochas may be just the watch for you. This white stainless steel watch, featured here, is now 63% off at $343.99!

Or perhaps you want something a bit more girly? Take a look at Style RH906101WWWP. With a pink lizard leather strap and crystals galore, this watch is definitely one of a kind. At $836.99, it’s 64% off a list price of $2,300.

If you’re going for a glam look, then Style RH908403KW is perfect. The gold tone stainless steel watch looks classy and expensive, but The Watchery has it at an affordable price of $507.99. That’s 63% off the list price!

What other styles are you looking for in your watches? At The Watchery, we have a wide variety of designer watches for great prices. You’re sure to find one that matches your taste!