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Optimizing Evening Looks

women's watchesWhen you think of enchanting evening accessories, your mind’s likely wont to think of dramatic necklaces, lavish earrings, and gem-heavy bracelets, but while these are certainly components of a classic cocktail look, sometimes breaking new ground means opting for more unorthodox looks.

Why not feature one of our luxury watches as the focal point of your evening attire? As part of our Midsummer’s Night Watch Dreams event, we’re offering numerous mesmerizing styles at equally transfixing prices.

From one of America’s best-loved brands comes the Michael Kors MK5658, a style that offers the label’s signature unfussy elegance in the form of a stainless steel and brown silicone timepiece. An easy match for an office look, this piece also complements any classic, reserved evening look. Get 31% off this style now by buying for just $173.

The Michael Kors MK5593 is a 1970s-inspired style that’s sure to perfectly set off any ethereal summer evening look. If you’re planning on attending a Studio 54-esque dance party, rather than a networking soiree, then this is ideal. Available now for just $195, reduced from $275.

Saving the best for last, one of our most alluring discount luxury watches is the Ebel 9057A28/1991050 from the Beluga Manchette series. Boasting polished stainless steel, diamond markers and Swiss Quartz movement, this stand-out timepiece can be yours for $1,705.50, 70% off an original retail price of $5,610.

Why Are Swiss Watches So Popular, Anyway?

women's watchesIt’s a good question, and oddly enough, Protestantism is to thank for the Swiss’ watchmaking prowess. In 1541, reforms implemented by Jean Calvin and banning the wear of jewels, forced the goldsmiths and other jewellers to turn into a new, independent craft : watchmaking. By the end of the century, Genevan watches were already reputable for their high quality, and watchmakers created in 1601 the Watchmakers’ Guild of Geneva, the first to be established anywhere. One century later and because Geneva was already crowded with watchmakers, many of them decided to leave the city for the receptive region of the Jura Mountains. With the end of World War I and the popularity of the wristwatch, the industry took off.

In 1911, Eugene Blum took his initials and his wife’s family name, Levy, to coin “Eugene Blum Et Levy” – EBEL. In 1914, just three years after its formation, the brand won a coveted gold medal at the Swiss National Exhibition. The family company has been successfully producing sought-after wristwatches ever since. Ebel has forged a reputation for luxury watches of supreme elegance and innovative high-end design as the signature of its exclusive watch making. Take, for instance, this classic women’s sport watch with mother of pearl dial and quartz movement. Come check out our selection of Ebel and other brand name watches at The Watchery.com today!

Fresh Designs With Stuhrling Watches

Last week we discussed the refined and classy design of Ebel watches. To keep things interesting this week I want to talk about the somewhat funky and flashy new Stuhrling women’s watches available on The Watchery. These watches are gorgeous and excitingly inventive. The flashy design heavy style is hyper modern, not the norm for most high end watch companies.

Within the face of many of these watches are hearts. Two of my favorite models allow you to see the gears within the heart. On other’s the heart is incorporated into fun a flashy designs. The watches are ideal for any young girl between the ages of twelve and twenty and will likely go over well with any adult friends and family who still have a youthful spark and fashion sense. These watches will appeal to folks looking for something classier than a Swatch watch but more fun than a Cartier watch.

The color choices range from a great black and silvery white combo to a brash lime green hew. Anyone with a sense of style would be thrilled to just admire one of these beautiful time pieces. Anyone who is interested in a watch that is off the beaten path is going to be sure to love these Stuhrling Watches.

Ebel Is A Refined Watch Company

Some high end watch companies specialize in glam rock watches. Time pieces that are flashy and loud and shout out their value with diamonds and thick elaborate bands. Other luxury watch brands take the more subtle approach. They pack in the same amount of value and craft but do it subtler ways. They etch classic looking watch faces and classic but always beautifully designed watch bands.

Ebel is definitely in the later category. The company, founded in 1911 in  Neuchâtel, Switzerland, has always prided it’s self on innovation in design. The results have been nothing less than one of the most elegant and exclusive lines of watches in the competitive industry. These are the kinds of watches worn by folks who do not need to tout their wealth in so many words. Folks who command a room without the volume of their voice but instead with the focus and respectability of their reputation.

That sort of focus and respectability of reputation is also something that Ebel prides it’s self on as a company. As the manufacturer of high end watches you have to find a niche and hang your hat on something. For the folks at Ebel that is refinement and class.

Get Your Ebel Watches At an Affordable Price With Clearance Sales

Luxury watches are a wonderful thing to own. When you get one, it’s your pride and joy. You pull it out for special occasions, keep it in the best of the best jewelry box and wind it daily. But we all know how expensive they can be. Ebel watches can cost a few thousand dollars. And while they are more affordable than some other luxury counterparts, you always want to get the best deal.

The Watchery has a great clearance section of watches at deep discounts and styles that are soon to be completely sold out. Right now there dozens of Ebel watches to choose from at great prices.  The Ebel Beluga Lady is a great choice for the girlfriend or wife for Valentine’s day. Or for the guy in your life, the Ebel Classic Gents is stunning. Both are on clearance so they won’t make such a big dent in your wallet.

Don’t just consider Ebel styles for Valentine’s day though. They are great all year through from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries and everything else in between.  And of course don’t forget about yourself! Sometimes we all need a little luxury in our own lives.

The Watchery Got An A+ From The BBB

The hardest thing about buying a luxury timepiece is ensuring that it is in all actuality a luxury timepiece. Truly, it doesn’t matter if we’re talking Rolex, Chopard, Ebel, even Swatch for Kids… there is perhaps no product in the history of consumers that has more fake replicas than the watch business.

The internet, meanwhile, has been around long enough that we’re all well aware of the benefits to shopping online. But when it comes to something that has a strong history of being replicated and faked, online shoppers have a right to be cautious.

That’s why The Watchery takes such pride in all of their watches being 100% new. These authentic timepieces all have serial numbers, one of the biggest identifiers on a legitimate designer timepiece. But what’s more is that they are BBB Accredited.

When shopping for a timepiece online, being accredited by the Better Business Bureau provides customers with a peace of mind that is utterly underrated. BBB issues Reliability Reports on all businesses, whether or not they are BBB accredited.

The Watchery Corp., meanwhile, has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since June of 2007. And currently they have been rated as an A+.

In case you never went to grade school, we’ll let you know that there is no possible better ranking than an A+.

Concord Watches – They Got Stones!

As we have previously mentioned, The Watchery offers a tremendous selection of brand name luxury watches, including (but not limited to) IWC, PArmigiani, Chopard, Ebel, and Baume & Mercier. However, one of the most popular (if not the most popular) has always been the timepieces created by the Concord Watch company.

Though the Concord Watch Company was started back in 1908, they didn’t become the world-wide watch-power they are today until after the first World War. Perhaps not coincidentally, this was about the same time that the pocket watch began to go out of style, instead being replaced by the wrist watch, which was used by soldiers in combat.

Whatever the reason, the conclusion of World War I was the time period in which Concord watches began to take off. While their quality was always sublime, Concord was now being recognized for some of the eye-catching gems found in their pieces, such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and of course, diamonds.

To this day, the Concord Watch company is celebrated for their careful selection of diamonds. In fact, each diamond selected is specifically chosen for its connection to the timepiece it is intended to be used for.

We are not suggesting that any Concord watch is far-and-beyond better than the timepieces made by Chopard, Ebel or Baume & Mercier. We are suggesting, however, that if you are looking for an elegant luxury timepiece that will feature precious stones, there is no choice that can top Concord.

No-Hassle Returns Available From The Watchery

So the holidays are over, which means the only shopping-rush that remains is the hurried and futile attempts at returning those gifts you didn’t want. And I’m fairly certain that I’m not alone when I say, as frustrating as it is, most of those “return-trips” end in failure.

Unless, of course, those gifts were bought through The Watchery website. It’s irrelevant as to whether its Chopard, Ebel, or Baume: all timepieces purchased from Thewatchery.com (except special orders and items shipped outside of the United States) may be returned in their original condition for a FULL REFUND of the purchase price within 30days from the date of delivery.

So that sweater your Aunt Milldred made for you with the three-legged reindeer? Yeah, you’re probably stuck with that for awhile. And the water-resistant tape-player for the shower courtesy of Uncle Larry? They probably aren’t going to let you return that one without a receipt.

But the JeanRichard TV Screen Retrograde timepiece with polished stainless steel, brown leather bracelet, silver tones and grey textured center dial colors? Yes, TheWatchery.com will gladly allow you to return it.

And if they won’t, this writer would be more than happy to take it off your hands. And put it safely above mine.

Welcome to The Watchery Blog!

It’s not that hard these days to quickly find out what time it is. Typically the time is present all around us, whether it be flashing bright on our cellphones, on our labtops, the walls, the dashboard of our cars, or even blinking on the side of a building.

As true as that is, nothing compares to beautiful luxury watches on display around your wrist. (Not to mention, it makes it a whole lot easier to properly execute the old “Oh, look at the time!” getaway line). However, adorning Chopard, Ebel, or Concord watches often comes with a heavy financial obligation.

That’s why The Watchery is dedicated to bringing their customers the luxury watches they’re longing for at unbelievably competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for men or womens watches from big name brands such as (but not limited to) Breitling, Cartier, IWC, TAG Heuer, A. Lange & Sohne, Rolex, or Patek Philippe, The Watchery has you covered.

So be sure to check back to the official Watchery blog for all exciting deals, updates, specials, or just a little bit of unique luxury watch information you probably didn’t know before. And don’t forget to see what’s going on at the official Watchery website… a new featured deal could be ending any minute!