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Star Savings On Glam Rock Watches

watchesWhether you were cheering for Team Argo last night or not, 2012 was a great year for the movies. Judge the dresses, the picks and pans, the quite robust facial hair (there were like three winners with majestically flowing white locks), the lighting, whatever, but the Oscars, regardless of their choices or quality, did what they are supposed to do: provide us with a week’s worth of gossip at the very least.

Today at the Watchery we have our own rewards on offer, up to 70% on many brand-name watches, including Breil Milano’s Glam Rock brand. In a little bit of fun trivia, one of their two brand ambassadors is Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron, who pulled double duty at the Academy Awards last night by presenting an award and doing an Astaire/Rogers dance number with Channing Tatum.

While Glam rock began as a style of rock and pop music as campy and extravagant as Hollywood itself, major exemplars of the style such as David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and later influences Elton John, Prince, and Madonna have since entered the mainstream. Glam rock watches capture the color of the movement without losing any of the elegance of more traditional watch design. You can add an understated look to your outfit with unique and detailed Glam Rock women’s watches, like this Miami Beach model with a white dial and lilac silicone strap. For more, visit us online at TheWatchery.com!

Ebel Is A Refined Watch Company

Some high end watch companies specialize in glam rock watches. Time pieces that are flashy and loud and shout out their value with diamonds and thick elaborate bands. Other luxury watch brands take the more subtle approach. They pack in the same amount of value and craft but do it subtler ways. They etch classic looking watch faces and classic but always beautifully designed watch bands.

Ebel is definitely in the later category. The company, founded in 1911 in  Neuchâtel, Switzerland, has always prided it’s self on innovation in design. The results have been nothing less than one of the most elegant and exclusive lines of watches in the competitive industry. These are the kinds of watches worn by folks who do not need to tout their wealth in so many words. Folks who command a room without the volume of their voice but instead with the focus and respectability of their reputation.

That sort of focus and respectability of reputation is also something that Ebel prides it’s self on as a company. As the manufacturer of high end watches you have to find a niche and hang your hat on something. For the folks at Ebel that is refinement and class.

Glam Rock Watches Fit Perfect With the Trends

This season it’s all about color, color, and more color. Brights like orange and yellow, color blocking, and anything that will make you stand out of the crowd. Summer is all about expressing yourself and always has been but this season is really about being loud! And Glam Rock watches are exactly that, 24/7. They never stop making a bold statement.

So this summer is really the time to invest in one. It’s going to go with everything. Guys can match them to their awesome plaid, colorful shorts and gals can pair them with that perfect sun dress. They may be a luxury watch but their the luxury watch for the laid back crowd, so they don’t look too dressy against casual wear. But they will definitely look just as good against that little black dress. They’ll be the stand out accessory of your entire outfit!

Glam Rock watches are going to look great this summer. And you can get them at a wickedly awesome price at The Watchery. You don’t need to pay full price to look cool, you just need to rock a Glam Rock watch and everything else will fall into place.

Glam Rock watches

Glam Rock Watches for the Graduation Gift!

What’s better than graduating school and getting a diploma or degree? Getting gifts! Every graduate is looking forward to being showered with cards, gifts and money, all congratulating them for their efforts and encouraging them in their future. And what is a fantastic thing to get a new grad? A watch. But not just any watch.

Glam Rock watches are going to really suit your graduate’s style, whether they are heading off to college or already got their degree and are heading into the real world. The new, up and coming generation loves to be heard and loud colors and edgy designs will attract them like flies to honey. That’s why Glam Rock watches are such a great choice.

It’s the luxury watch in a non-luxurious style. They may not want all the flash of Cartier, but they do want the price and prestige. Glam Rock watches are definitely fine watches, but they have that young and hip look to them that they will surely embrace.

So get them a gift that they’ll love, a timepiece they’ll treasure that says to them that you really know and understand their bright and bold personality. Glam Rock watches are a perfect choice.

Glam Rock Watches For You

glam rock watchesGet a watch that says something about who you are. Don’t just settle. There are lots of ways to express yourself when it comes to wrist wear. First think about how you’re going to wear your watches. Do you need an everyday or a more formal watch?  If you wear a suit to work you may want Panerai Ferrari watches or Baume and Mercier watches. These can look as good on your wrist underneath French cuffs as they can on a naked forearm.

But if you want something with a bit more pizzazz, Glam Rock watches may be a better choice. With crazier colors and wristbands, these watches still impress with their classy style, but are more contemporary takes on the classics. That means that they’re good to wear out on Friday night or as an addition to that new suit you picked up last week.

And you don’t have to wear it all the time either, only when you can match it with your outfit and feel like you’re really owning it. Because when you wear your Glam Rock watches once in a while, you’ll flaunt them when you do so that they get all the attention they – and you – deserve.

Glam Rock Watches Are Perfect For Spring

When spring time rolls around, you think of bright colors. When you think of luxury watches, you don’t think bright so much as muted classic colors and metals. But that’s the beauty of Glam Rock watches, they give you the best of both worlds.

The women’s line of Glam Rock watches are especially loud. With bright pinks and purples, green checkered bands, even a couple of bright orange cases thrown in, it’ll be sure to turn everyone’s head. And with so many colors you can definitely pick up more than one to match multiple outfits. Women are the masters of accessorizing, and the watch is an often underrated accessory. And with their large faces, Glam Rock watches are the statement piece of the entire outfit.

But guys, don’t worry you’ve got some great colors for spring too. Not every guy is going to want something too bright, but the mens line has a nice balance of some really cool colors, like orange and black or silver and bright red. Manly colors, yet they will still make people say “wow!”.

So ditch the boring watch and get something more colorful before spring is fully in bloom. You’ll be the trendiest guy or gal on the street and your wrist will thank you.

Glam Rock Watches Bring Style to Your Timepiece

Most watch companies you hear about have been around for years. After all, watch making has gone back for generations and many brands have a long history of good quality. But some newer brands have been popping up that are reinventing the watch. Glam Rock watches are those kinds of pieces; funky, bright, and unique. The company has only been around since 2005, but they are making a huge splash in the industry.

Their watches are bright and fun, and yet definitely have the look of luxury at the same time. With styles named “Miami” and “Palm Beach,” big faces and colorfully patterned bands, it’s the luxury watch of the new generation. Some people like to attract attention with their accessories, and these are definitely the kind of watches that do so.

And if really colorful isn’t your thing, they also have some great darker combinations of brown, gold and black shades, which have a beautiful and mysterious appeal to them. Glam Rock watches are just that, glam.  And they run the gamut in price so you can find a style that fits your budget. It’s the perfect watch for the friend who loves to be seen. They’ll get people talking whenever they check their watch for the time.