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Glittering Gold Watches Now on Sale

The Watchery is offering awesome prices on luxury watches in the Silver & Gold Holiday Sale Event. The perfect gifts for the loved ones in your life, these high-end watches for men and women are available for up to 89% off! The collection includes products from favorites like  Invicta watches and Swiss Legend watches, as well as timepieces from Lucien Piccard, Seiko and many more. Take a look at some of the highlights below and visit TheWatchery.com to see more great deals!

First up for women from the legendary Japanese watchmaker Seiko is style SXDB58P1 (left). This gold tone ion plated stainless steel watch has white diamond indices at 67% off the original price for $154.99. The center watch below is the Kenneth Jay Lane 3201, a stylish and edgy timepiece for just  $69.99. If you’re looking for a watch that’s more than just a timepiece, ESQ by Movado has a trendy bangle watch on sale. Style 7301415 (right) is available at 62% off for $149.99.


From Swiss luxury watch brand Rado is a stylish, modern timepiece featuring diamond indices. Rado’s R30279703 (left) from the Centrix series is 35% off for $1,300. The center watch with a rectangular face is from Lucien Piccard. This classic watch (style 10501-YG-22) is on sale for just $89.99. The final watch for men featured on the right is the Rotary GB90002-45, a timeless style for men, now available at 84% off the list price.

Gold Luxury Watches For Men

Gold is a very powerful color and packs very strong meaning. Gold symbolizes justice, power, and strength. Gold is luxurious and has been worn by royalty and those of high status for centuries. Denoting wealth and prestige virtually everywhere around the world, owning a gold luxury watch could not only improve your self esteem, but get you noticed. Gold usually packs a high price tag, but The Watchery is currently offering some extremely beautiful time pieces for a fraction of their list prices. We’ve selected a few of our favorite gold watches recently made available on The Watchery website.

Invicta Men's Watches
Style: 14505
Invicta Men's Watches
Style: 14508
Invicta Men's Watches
Style: 15497

Leap into our Labor Day Weekend Sale!

This labor Day we’ve got deals among deals! You’ve been working harder than a sled dog with something to prove, so treat yourself!

gold watches

We’ve got watches even Tom Haverford wouldn’t scoff at. The Tissot Velcro-T men’s watch ($431.00 at 34% off) is perfect for keeping it classy on your day off. The only combination that matches the classiness of black and gold is white and gold.

Well–maybe gold and gold. Among the many discount luxury watches we have on sale is the Seiko SRKZ74P1 ($269.50 at 66% off), a simple and elegant timepiece with classic Roman numerals and a discreet but strikingly placed chronograph.gold watches Seiko are masters of economical design, in terms of both body and face.

Of course, if you’re as big a fan of black and gold watches as we are, we’ve got options for you, including one of our favorites, the Jacques Lemans Geneve ($349.00 at 83% off) and the Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Silver ($899.00 at 40% off). Whatever your taste, you should treat yourself!

gold watchesDid you think we’d left jeweled watches off the bill? Not a chance. Look at this classy number, the Rotary Evolution TZ2. Rose gold is a paragon of understated elegance, and everything about this watch–its textured face, the details of the strap–is subtle, but the combination of details leaves a lasting impression.

Take a good honest rest this Labor Day, browse through our selection, and treat yourself!

Moony for Moonphase Watches

luxury watchesMoonphase watches received a good deal of attention back in 2011 after GQ declared that they were hot items. It’s surprising to some that their popularity has had a resurgence in the past year, but we think it makes sense. The moonphase adds an extra dimension to the face of the watch in the form of variation in color and geometric shape in a sea of luxury watches that can sometimes feel a bit samey. While these are classic designs, variety is, of course, the spice of life, and the fluid shape of the moonphase diagram is a striking counterpoint to the round face in which it sits.

The moonphase watch’s original purpose was to indicate how bright the evening would be for anyone planning to walk about at night. Going farther back, the lunar cycle was once used as a calendar during medieval times. Perhaps this is what influences the distinct starry atmosphere most moonphase luxury watches convey; they harken back to a time we often view in light of classic tales of chivalry and adventure, and the starry sky calls to mind fairy tales involving knights and princesses. You wouldn’t expect so much from a timepiece, but it’s amazing what a simple design touch can do!

Black and Gold: The Elegance of Jacques Lemans

discount luxury watchesSometimes class is key. In fact–most times, class is key. It doesn’t whether you’re a public speaker running the gala circuit, or a chef; a nice accessory is an emblem of your composure in any situation. It conveys your class to everyone around you–and we’re not talking about your paycheck. The affectation of neatness is what elicits trust; it shows that you’re capable of keeping your cool.

Certain color combinations are just classy by nature. There’s a reason for the term “black tie affair,” just like there’s a reason the Academy Award statuette is gold. Even if your everyday job doesn’t require a suit and tie every day, applying these universally accepted signifiers of class to your wardrobe will leave the same impression.

Jacques Lemans’ designer watches exemplify the classiness of black and gold. There’s a subtle grace about a black watch with a gold trim, and an impressive luxury about a gold watch with a black trim. With their simple, but well-defined designs, these watches leave an impression. Memorability is the hallmark of professionals; they are instrumental to their respective operations. Making an impression, by extension, is paramount to not only gaining respect, but keeping it, and encouraging the growth of fruitful professional relationships.