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The History of the Wristwatch

watches for womenIn today’s world the watch has become a sort of symbol for modern culture. Many people sport watches, and people with money wear expensive watches as a status symbol of sorts. While today we see watches worn a great deal and by all different types of people, that is something that has only come to be the norm in the last one hundred or so years.

In the old days, men used to carry watches in their pockets, and only women were to wear wrist watches, which used to be referred to as wristlets. These items were produced on a small scale up until the 19th century. When war came to be, the usefulness of a wristwatch, watches for men in this case, became apparent. They would enable a soldier to operate fully during combat without having to reach in to his pocket for his pocket watch . This began the start of wristwatched becoming a norm of wartime. Through its heavy use, improvements began being made on the watches. Firstly holding a very basic design, now it was the mid 1900s. and luxury watches began to pop up. From there the status grew and watches and models of all sorts were made and offered in an abundant ammount of variations. Check out The Watchery for discount luxury watches.