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Why Purchase A Luxury Watch?

Chopard luxury watchesLuxury watches have been around for quite some time. While keeping time via wrist is no longer a necessity (due to cell phones, laptops, and tablets), watches still hold their place in culture and many reasons can be found to own a nice timepiece. Today we’d like to share with you a couple of reasons why you may want to consider a luxury watch as your next investment.

It’s like art, for your arms.

A nice watch is like a piece of art. Think about it. Someone spent days and even months, or years, designing their piece before releasing it. Sporting a luxury watch is like sporting someone’s masterpiece. Take a look at some of the watches available through The Watchery online and you’ll see that these are much more than time keepers, but truly beautiful works of art.


A watch can hold a lot of sentimental value. Having a beautiful watch as a family heirloom can hold tremendous meaning, and is an amazing thing to pass on to a loved one.

Stand out from the crowd.

Being unique is an important aspect to life. Standing out from the norm can give you the upper hand, and make yourself more memorable to others. Sporting a nice luxury watch can help you achieve this.




Weekend Watches For Less

Having a ‘go-to’ watch is all well and good. We recognize that for a lot of people, a luxury watch is a gift or reward that they proudly display day in and day out without much need for change. When it comes to the weekend, however, changing our your wrist wear can be just thing you need to put yourself in the spirit of relaxation and festivities. Here are a couple recommendations on luxury watches that will achieve the desired effect without breaking the bank.

Tissot PRS Men's Stainless Steel WatchFirst up, the classic Tissot PRS Stainless Steel Swiss-made Automatic. These ‘innovators by tradition’ are a staple for collectors, and for under $500 you will be hard pressed to find a better value. The clean look of stainless steel is perfect for a wide variety of situations as well as outfits. If you are heading to an expensive club, it dresses up your look, if you are going to the beach, it becomes sporty. You can’t lose.

Seiko SSA Black AutomaticFor a more rugged look go with the Seiko SSA Automatic Black Dial. Every Seiko watch is a serious piece of technology, and the SSA is one of the best discount luxury watches we offer. The detailed, bi-directional bezel gives this watch additional functionality as well as style.

Head to TheWatchery.com today for these and other great watches to get you ready for the weekend!

TAG Heuer Making Moves

TAG Heuer Guy Semon Men's WatchesThe Vice-President of Science and Engineering and Head of Research and Development at luxury watch brand TAG Heuer, Guy Semon, is planning to visit Hettich Jewellers early July to discuss his latest developments in design. The significance of the event is clear to watch enthusiasts, but for others it may take some updating on what has been going on in their camp to fully comprehend the situation.

Semon has been labelled a genius in the watchmaking community and among his stable of products are some of the most technologically intricate pieces the world has ever seen. One of his most famous designs, the TAG Heuer MikrotourbillonS, is the first dual-tourbillon chronograph with the ability to start and stop at 1/100th of a second.

TAG Heuer and Hettich Jewellers have been doing business for several generations and they have announced how pleased they are to welcome the man who will usher in the future of precision in wristwatches. These designer watches are just as attractive to the physics nerds as the fashion elite.

To see what all the fuss is about, stop by TheWatchery.com for a comprehensive collection of TAG Heuer styles at great prices, as well as many other world-class watches at amazing discounts!

Hollywood Watches: Dark Knight Trilogy

Batman Reverso Grande TailleOne of the most successful series in recent Hollywood history, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, has captivated audiences from the first film in 2005 to last year’s exciting conclusion. All of the films are outstanding and Christian Bale certainly cemented himself as the Bruce Wayne that future adaptations will be measured up against. When it comes to wealthy leading roles, their fashion sense has always got to be impeccable and Bale’s Batman is no exception.

The crime-fighting vigilante’s designer watch of choice? The Reverso from Jaeger-LeCoultre. The watch manufacturer is truly head of its class, boasting incredible feats such as world’s smallest caliber and world’s most complicated wristwatch. The Reverso model dates back to 1931 and was designed to survive the rigors of a polo match. Christian Bale sported a Reverso Grand Taille in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and he wasn’t the first Batman to do it! Maybe an homage to Val Kilmer, who also adorned a Reverso in Batman Forever, the design is classic.

You’re probably wondering what he wore in The Dark Knight Rises. That watch was truly a standout. For the trilogy-closing film, Jaeger-LeCoultre made Bale a stunning special edition Grande Reverso tribute to the 1931 model. 

To get your own Reverso luxury watch at incredible discounts check out TheWatchery.com!

Luxury Watches for Divers

Most of our posts have been focusing on form instead of function. Purchasing a luxury watch does not mean you only have to wear it with a suit and tie. For divers, the wristwatch is an essential piece of gear that needs to perform. Quality designer watch brands like Invicta and Tissot make excellent diving watches that stand out both for their aesthetic value as well as performance. This video from YouTube user Synthspike points out some important features of diving watches and how to use the bezel.

Check out our comprehensive selection at TheWatchery.com for the diving watch that suits you best.

Luxury Watch Design For a Fraction

Akribos XXIV Luxury WatchWe would all love to have a designer watch that truly captures the attention of others when we wear it, but depending on our commitments and current position in life, it can feel like a long way away. That does not mean to say, however, that you cannot enjoy the look of luxury watch fashion just because a Breitling or Omega is out of your budget. One of our immensely popular new watches, the Akribos XXIV, is mass-produced to save you money and give you the look you want.

While they are manufactured in Hong Kong, the engineering is Swiss and the face design is beautiful. The Silver Tone has a stainless steel case, genuine leather strap material, and a skeletal dial that looks great on the wrist. For a casual men’s watch with a display showing the day of the week, date, and GMT functions the Akribos XXIV packs a lot of value for such a low asking price.

Even better is how soon the watch will arrive at your door. At TheWatchery.com we are proud to offer guaranteed free shipping that is delivered in 1-2 business days for a watch that is discounted over 80% from the original listing. Make sure you browse all our selection of Akribos watches, there might be a design that is perfect for you!

Last Minute Deals on Luxury Watches!

Momo Design Designer Chronograph Men's WatchWarning: This post is time sensitive!

Finding the exact luxury watch that you want can be a time consuming process. If you’re uneducated on the brands, makes and design differences, then there can be a lot to learn. Our spotlight today doesn’t have time for that! We have an amazing deal going for this Momo Design Pilot XL Limited Edition men’s watch and, this isn’t just a pun, the click is ticking.

Momo is a dynamic design company headquartered in Milan, Italy. The main focus of production is on racing products, but they also make an incredible watch.

This is one of our favorite chronograph watches with a grey titanium case, sapphire crystal and Swiss made automatic movement. The case is water resistant to 100 meters and exceedingly durable.

While the Momo Design watches are rare, with a price to match, today’s special is a Limited Edition with a rotating inner bezel stylized with a white border that you aren’t going to find on anybody else’s wrist. Normally these gorgeous timepieces retail for a lofty $6,495. If you act fast, however, we have a special for the next three days, or until they are all gone, for 82% off.

Whether you need to reward yourself, or can’t find the perfect luxury gift for a loved one, this is a deal you are going to want to jump on!

A Luxury Watch Worth of Dad

Breitling Men's Luxury Watch Father's DayFather’s Day, traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday of June, is just around the corner and now is a great time to pick out the perfect gift. For a day that is honoring fatherhood, both our paternal bonds and the influence of great Father’s in society, a luxury watch is long lasting gift symbolic of your appreciation of time spent together.

Interestingly, Father’s Day was inaugurated after Mother’s Day, promoted as a complement holiday, credited to Sonora Dodd at a YMCA in 1910. Her father, was a single dad raising six children born on June 5th. The birthday was to be the original date for Father’s Day, but as she wanted to organize the pastors at her church to plan a sermon around it, they did not have the time to prepare and it was pushed to the third Sunday in June.

Watches, especially designer watches, make excellent gifts for Dads because they are practical, permanent, and original. Many see the wristwatch as the classic accessory and can even become an heirloom passed down through the generations.

To show our support for this fantastic celebration we are offering amazing discounts of up to 80% off an incredible selection of men’s watches. Your perfect present for Dad is only a few clicks away!

Make Sure Your Luxury Watch Is Authentic

Investing in a luxury watch is a big commitment, and while here at The Watchery we guarantee authenticity, no matter where you purchase it we want to make sure you are getting what you paid for. Here are a few steps you should consider when checking designer watches for authenticity.

fake luxury watch

1. Know the Brand, Know the Details. Every quality brand has trademarks of their make that you should know about. For example, Rolex gets its name in part by the unique movement apparatus and it’s smooth hand movement. If you hear a ticking sound, you know it’s a fake.

2. Inspect the Engraving. A quick way to reassure yourself that the brand new watch you’re buying is in fact brand new, is a quick look to any etchings on the back of the face or band. You’re looking for smudges, typos or substitutions that are a dead give-away that the watch is not what you want.

3. Be Sure to See the Movement. Ask to remove the back case and see the movement of the watch. Lacking mechanical movement is typical of counterfeits or low quality watches. If you have become especially acquainted with your brand, you’ll be even more knowledgeable about having the correct movement as well.

We hope this helps you the next time you’re shopping for men’s or women’s watches! You worked hard for your timepiece. You should only accept the best.

Oversized TechnoMarine Women’s Watches

TechnoMarine Cruise Women's WatchTalking about Bell & Ross yesterday got us thinking about other brands that have exploded onto the scene amidst all the Swiss giants. Since we also featured Men’s Watches last time we are going to show some love to the ladies with some beautiful big face watches from TechnoMarine.

Founded in 1997, French entrepreneur Franck Dubarry single-handedly created a revolution among the luxury watch makers with his Raft design. The plastic strap, which sold 50,000 units on debut, has ushered a new era of bold new pieces in the luxury space.

One such piece is this stunning Women’s Cruise Black Dial watch we are currently featuring. More than telling time, a watch like this is for self expression, and with the current trend of big-faced women’s watches, this Cruise model with pink gold markers and hands, is the perfect way to stand out. The best benefit of shopping for our featured watches? The unbelievable discounts of course! Retailing at $2,100, TechnoMarine watches can be difficult to acquire. Now is the perfect time if you’re in the market because at our discount of 68% off you are unlikely to ever find a deal as good as ours.

Don’t forget to check out all our featured watches just in case something else catches your eye!