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Unleash Your Inner Racer With Perrelet Luxury Watches

The inventor of the automatic watch, Perrelet, has been releasing some truly innovative and beautiful timepieces in the recent past. Taking a sturdy make and fusing it with a bold design, these watches last a lifetime and make quite the statement while doing so. Today we’d like to take a look at Perrelet Men’s Turbine Automatic luxury watches. These watches features a rotor design inspired by the aeronautical field. The blades add a masculine and strong feel to the piece. This piece can be worn with any outfit, and adds a strong addition to a wardrobe. Check out the different selections below. Click on the product photos to be taken to the corresponding product pages.

Perrelet Luxury Watches
Style: A1047-6
Perrelet Men's Luxury Watches
Style: A1047-7
Perrelet Men's Watches
Style: A1047-8

Limited Time Sale on Baume & Mercier Watches

Currently on sale at The Watchery are high end watches from Baume & Mercier, a staple in Swiss watchmaking since 1830. In the first row is the MOA08833 and the MOA08688, luxury watches for men. The next two, the A10077 and the A10071, are women’s watches on sale from Baume & Mercier. To learn more about each watch, just click on the image to go to its page on The Watchery. Visit TheWatchery.com to see more limited time offers on expensive watches.



Seiko Men’s Watches

Seiko is a Japanese company that’s been producing electronic devices, clocks, and watches since it’s founding in 1881. Seiko was the pioneer of the quartz watch, creating the first in 1969. Highly expensive, these luxury watches found themselves in the hands of only the extremely wealthy upper class. Maintaining it’s high class reputation, Seiko began to branch out, expanding it’s designs and creating sports watches as well . Check out these men’s Seiko timepieces available through The Watchery online. Click on the photos to be taken to the product page.

Seiko Men's Luxury Watches
Style: SSA024
Seiko Men's Watches
Style: SRP363
Seiko Men's Sport Watches
Style: SRP353




Luxurious Deals This Week Only!

This week The Watchery is serving up some amazing deals. You can purchase high quality luxury watches for up to 92% off of their normal selling prices! This customer appreciation event is one to take complete advantage of. Brands such as Hublot, TAG, Heuer, Invicta, and more are flying off the shelves. Let’s take a look at a couple men’s luxury watches on sale this week through The Watchery.

Seiko Men's Watches
Style: SRH014

The Seiko Men’s Valura Watch, style no. SRH014, is currently on sale from it’s list price of $1450. Right now you can grab this beautiful piece for just $619.99. The Valura features a rubber strap, beautiful peach accents, and a stainless steel case.

Invicta Mens Watches
Style: 10793

The Invicta Men’s Venom Watch, style no. 10793 is also on sale currently through The Watchery at 88% off of it’s list price. You can grab this bold piece sporting extremely intricate design for just $191.99.

These are just two of the timepieces on sale through The Watchery this week. A plethora of  men’s watches, women’s watches, as well as unisex watches are currently being let go of for outstanding prices. Visit The Watchery online to view the rest of these extreme savings.


Jacob & Co. Five Time Zone Watch

The Watchery offers a vast selection of different time pieces. With designs for everyone, it can take a while to sift through the entire inventory. Today I want to take a look at one of of my personal favorite pieces available through the discount luxury watches site, the Jacob & Co. Five Time Zone Watch for men.

Jacob & Co. Men's watches
Style: JC66

Jacob & Co has been creating high quality luxury watches for men and women for over a quarter of a century. They pride themselves on their craftsmanship and taste for visionary artistry. Catering to celebrities, as well as top players in various professions, their pieces hold a major edge within the watch industry. Jacob & Co is respected worldwide for its value and lasting appeal within it’s products, such as the Five Time Zone piece seen above.

What really is striking about this watch is the collage of colors. The pastels seem to fade into each other even though the design features a pixelated pattern. With a stainless steel case, and a polyurethane rubber strap, it is sure to hold up through the years and maintain its beauty. To check out this piece as well as a plethora of other discount luxury watches, head on over to The Watchery’s website.

The Invicta Men’s Corduba Chronograph Watch

Invicta is an American based watch company.  The company was founded in 1837 by Raphael Picard, and remained under family control until 1991. The company was then purchased by a US based investment company, and the corporate headquarters was moved to Hollywood, Florida.

Invicta men’s luxury watches feature a very bold look. Made with precision and top quality manufacturing, these pieces feel as good as they appear. Take notice of the intricate details on these pieces.  The Watchery is currently offering free shipping on Men’s Invicta Corduba Chronograph Watches. Below are some photos of different design options! Click them to see pricing and details via The Watchery website.

Invicta Men's Luxury Watches
Style: 12453
Invicta Men's Watches
Style: 12451
Invicta Men's Discount Luxury Watches
Style: 12450
Invicta Men's Luxury Watches
Style: 6674

Panerai Men’s Watches

The Panerai watch brand was founded in 1860 by Giovanni Panerai. Panerai was an official supplier to the royal Italian Navy at the time, providing both watches as well as precision instruments. The pieces feature casing designed and manufactured by Panerai and Swiss made movement. Right now Panerai men’s luxury watches are available through The Watchery at very reasonable prices. These dark and beautiful feature precision work, as well as brown leather straps, varying in shades each bringing out different qualities within the pieces.  Take a look at some favorites below.

Panerai Men's Luxury Watches
Style: PAM00505
Panerai Men's Watches
Style: PAM00423
Panerai Watches
Style: PAM00372
Panerai Men's Luxury Watches
Style: PAM00379
Discount Panerai Luxury Watches
Style: PAM00244