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New Arrivals At The Watchery: Luxury Watches

women's luxury watches
Style: 3102

The holiday season is a very exciting time! Many of us will have the opportunity to see loved ones and friends that we haven’t seen in a very long time. Along with the holiday season comes the tradition of gift giving. Have you thought about what you will be getting for your loved ones this season?

The Watchery has a large selection of luxury watches in the new arrivals section. This section features the latest models and trends, surely to make a statement. First, we’d like to take a look at a perfect gift for that special woman in your life. The Kenneth Jay Lane women’s watch, no. 3102, is truly stunning. Featuring a tortoise polycarbonite case and beautiful design, this piece would make a great gift. Currently priced at $264.99, which is 30% less than it’s list price, you can grab this timepiece without breaking your wallet.

Looking for a gift for a man? We’d like to recommend the Lucien Piccard Men’s St. Tropez watch, no. 20032-03-BU. This piece is sure to brighten up the dark winter with a beautiful bold blue color. At just $349.99, this is a very realistic investment and sure to make someone special very happy! Check out these was well as a huge selection of men’s and women’s luxury watches online through The Watchery.


Luminox Men’s Watches

Luminox has a history of providing watches for various military groups in the United States. The Swiss brand, founded in 1989, has been manufacturing very sturdy timepieces available to the public as well. Their signature has been the tritium inserts used in production which provide permanent luminescence.  This technology, known as always visible technology, makes the watches very desirable to own, as you can easily see what the time is regardless of circumstance.

Luminox Men's Watches The Luminox Men’s Watch in white, pictured right, Style: 3057-WO, features a very clean and bold design. The chunky details on the white background create a a very sophisticated color scheme. The gray hands are luminous so you’ll never be unable to check what time it is, even at night! In addition to this model, The Watchery has a number of other men’s watches available from Luminox, such as the ones pictured below.


Luminox Men's Watches
Style: 1881-BO
Luminox Men's Watches
Style: 1922

Unleash Your Inner Racer With Perrelet Luxury Watches

The inventor of the automatic watch, Perrelet, has been releasing some truly innovative and beautiful timepieces in the recent past. Taking a sturdy make and fusing it with a bold design, these watches last a lifetime and make quite the statement while doing so. Today we’d like to take a look at Perrelet Men’s Turbine Automatic luxury watches. These watches features a rotor design inspired by the aeronautical field. The blades add a masculine and strong feel to the piece. This piece can be worn with any outfit, and adds a strong addition to a wardrobe. Check out the different selections below. Click on the product photos to be taken to the corresponding product pages.

Perrelet Luxury Watches
Style: A1047-6
Perrelet Men's Luxury Watches
Style: A1047-7
Perrelet Men's Watches
Style: A1047-8

Luxury Watches From Breitling

Breitling was founded in 1884 in Grenchen, Switzerland.  This privately owned company has been manufacturing, designing, and engineering chronometer watches since that time. Today we’d like to take a look at the Navitimer line of watches. These luxury watches are not only beautiful, but serve as useful tools for pilots. This model has been around for quite some time, and prides itself on it’s reliability.

For those not concerned with it’s navigational capabilities, the look of the line alone is enough to pull you in. For pilots, if used properly, this timepiece can help you perform various calculations, including speed. rate of climb, and elapsed time of specific trip. For everyone else, the visual appeal and quality make the product desirable. The Breitling Men’s Navitimer in Bronze, Style: A1436002/Q556 OR, would make a perfect addition to any wardrobe. Check it out below.

Breitling Men's Watches
Style: A1436002/Q556 OR

While this model usually goes for $7,100, The Watchery is currently running some awesome promotions for the holiday season. Right now you can be a proud owner for just $4,350. This timepiece will last a lifetime, and can even be passed down through generations as an heirloom. Visit The Watchery online to view this beautiful piece as well as a large variety of other men’s watches today!

Gold Luxury Watches For Men

Gold is a very powerful color and packs very strong meaning. Gold symbolizes justice, power, and strength. Gold is luxurious and has been worn by royalty and those of high status for centuries. Denoting wealth and prestige virtually everywhere around the world, owning a gold luxury watch could not only improve your self esteem, but get you noticed. Gold usually packs a high price tag, but The Watchery is currently offering some extremely beautiful time pieces for a fraction of their list prices. We’ve selected a few of our favorite gold watches recently made available on The Watchery website.

Invicta Men's Watches
Style: 14505
Invicta Men's Watches
Style: 14508
Invicta Men's Watches
Style: 15497

Unique Luxury Watches By Gucci

Gucci has been pumping out some of the nicest luxury watches, clothing, leather goods, and accessories since it’s founding in 1921. Constantly setting trends, Gucci continues to wow us with their intricate and never before seen designs and products.

I’d like to take a look at some of the select luxury watches available from Gucci on The Watchery. These watches are more than just functioning time pieces, but really are works of art. The effort and dedication put in to creating these designs becomes very apparent while observing the final product. These pieces are gorgeous, and beautifully unique to many competitors.  Take a look at some of these awesome designs, and click the photos for product details and pricing!

Gucci Women's Watches
Style: YA121514Men's Gucci Watches
Women's Gucci Watches
Style: YA116313


Skeletonized Clerc Watches for Men

Continuing in our line of luxury skeleton watches this we, The Watchery brings you our collection of skeletonized watches from Clerc. Handmade in Switzerland and winner of the prestigious cle de Geneve award, Clerc watches truly meet the highest standards in Swiss watchmaking. A number of state leaders, members of royal families and popular celebrities have chosen Clerc watches for this reason.

The three skeleton watches from Clerc that are featured below are currently available for great values through The Watchery at 72% to 75% off their list prices.

Clerc watches
Clerc watches
Style:  I8SKA11-BLKST
Clerc watches
Style:  I8SKA12

Watches For The Season!

October is coming to an end, and that means Halloween is almost here! Now, dressing up is always a custom, but costumes may not be for everyone. Why not show some holiday spirit by sporting a watch colored for the holiday? The Watchery has a large selection of men’s and women’s watches in Halloween’s signature color, orange. Check out some of the men’s and women’s watches below from brands such as Invicta, Haurex, Swiss Legend, and more! Worried it’s too late to order for Halloween? Think again. All watches from The Watchery ship in 2 to 4 business days!

Swiss Legend Women's Watches
Style: 10535-06
divers watches
Style: OC0211
Swiss Legend Watches
Style: 11044D-06


Invicta Women's Watches
Style: 11733

Maurice Lacroix Mens Watches

Maurice Lacroix has been making luxury watches since it’s founding in 1975. It’s father company, Desco Von Schulthess, was founded in 1889 with it’s roots in the silk trade.

Maurice Lacroix has a strong objective “both through consistent preservation of the long tradition of the Swiss watchmaking art and meeting its standards, as well as creating, with its very own, innovative complications and movement developments, contemporary design and a heightened passion for detail and perfection, extraordinary timepieces.” (MauriceLacroix.com)

The Maurice Lacroix Pantos watch for men is extremely elegant and features outstanding craftsmanship. The simplistic design and sophisticated color scheme work together to create a truly stunning piece. Take a look below at two separate variations of these beautiful men’s watches available currently at a very reasonable price through The Watchery. Click on the photos to be taken to the product page!

Maurice Lacroix Men's Watches
Style: PT6257-SS001-130
Maurice Lacroix Men's Watches
Style: PT6257-SS001-330

Swiss Legend Watches for Men Over 70% Off

If you’re looking for variety in your luxury watch brand, Swiss Legend is for you. With over 2,000 combinations of materials, styles and functions, the possibilities are enormous. Combine that with top quality manufacturing and technology, Swiss Legend watches are difficult to beat. Check out some of their styles for men available at over 70% off below.

men's swiss legend watches
Style no. 40030-BB-012
swiss legend
Style no. 22011-RG-02-ABR31C
swiss legend watches
Style no. 10126-RG-01


swiss legend watches for men
Style no. 30021-YG-03
discount swiss legend watches
Style no. 10059-YG-01