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Unleash Your Inner Racer With Perrelet Luxury Watches

The inventor of the automatic watch, Perrelet, has been releasing some truly innovative and beautiful timepieces in the recent past. Taking a sturdy make and fusing it with a bold design, these watches last a lifetime and make quite the statement while doing so. Today we’d like to take a look at Perrelet Men’s Turbine Automatic luxury watches. These watches features a rotor design inspired by the aeronautical field. The blades add a masculine and strong feel to the piece. This piece can be worn with any outfit, and adds a strong addition to a wardrobe. Check out the different selections below. Click on the product photos to be taken to the corresponding product pages.

Perrelet Luxury Watches
Style: A1047-6
Perrelet Men's Luxury Watches
Style: A1047-7
Perrelet Men's Watches
Style: A1047-8

Turbine Influenced Luxury Watches

Perrelet has been around for quite some time, and has facilitated a great deal of innovation within the realm of timepieces. Abraham-Louis Perreler was born in 1729 in Switzerland. He was interested in watchmaking and submerged himself in the world from childhood. In 1777, he finished creating the revolutionary automatic self-winding movement, and Perrelet was born. From that point on Perrelet has been responsible for creating some truly stunning luxury watches.

The new Turbine collection has been a big step for Perrelet who is finding it’s footing in the US.  It has a very bold design that is sure to stand out. The jet engine looking timepiece features blades with rubber straps. Check out the collection below. Click on the product photso to be taken to the corresponding product pages.

Perrelet men's watches
Style: A1047-2
Perrelet Men's Watches
Style: A4018-1
Perrelet Luxury Watches
Style: A1051-5